Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cobh - A Hidden Treasure for Aussies

Hi All!

Well, each day I am feeling better and my cough is subsiding. That is good. Yesterday, I was very, very cranky. That isn't good.

Today - I haven't decided what it up today yet so we are going with it being a wonderful day!

Today's pictures are from Cobh, Ireland (pronounced "cove"). This is the gateway to Cork and is the port for that fine city. Cobh is also known as the last stop for the ill-fated Titanic before it met disaster. Interestingly, Cobh is also where rescue operations for the Lusitania were originated from and where the survivors from that ship were taken. In addition to this rich history, Cobh is proud that many Irish people set off for Australia from its port.

Since our ship originated its around-the-world trip in Australia and the majority of the passengers were Australian, Cobh set up a celebration to welcome the Aussies and to remember the connection between Cobh and Australia. It was "Australia Day" in the city with local musicians performing, dance troupes, and various ceremonies to honor the day.

It was a fun thing to experience even though Hubby and I are not Australian!


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Mental P Mama said...

Trisha...these are wonderful! And the White Star Line scares me;)