Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Port!

Hi All!

It has been a tough week around here. Both Hubby and I got taken down by what we lovingly call "cabin cough." This is generally an upper respiratory infection caught on the ship from all of the people being in such close living quarters.

Hubby came off the ship starting to show symptoms and I was "healthy." However, it only took a few days at home before Hubby kindly spread his germs to me. Isn't he a sweetheart?

Anyway, I managed to get the entire she-bang. The cough, the congestion (both chest and head), the runny nose, the fever, the aches. Fun, fun! That is what I have been doing for the past week or so - trying to live through this and get rid of it!

Because I have had a "falling out" with my internist (the doctor who gave me the pills that made me a zombie and then told me to take a walk to get over the side-effects!), I haven't been to a doctor for my cough. However, I don't think I really need to see a doctor since Hubby went and said the meds didn't make him feel any better!

Luckily, I am at the point where I am feeling better every day. Hopefully, I will be feeling as good as new by the end of the week (my fingers are crossed!).

Despite having the illness - we did manage to get our new oven installed on Friday. Now I can bake! I have baked bread (from frozen bread dough) and made tater-tots for dinner last night. We have also had a Digiorno pizza. It is nice to have an oven again!

Now, here is the third stop on our recent cruise, Greenock, Scotland. This is the port of Glasgow but Hubby and I didn't venture all the way to Glasgow. We hung around Greenock and Gourock, the neighboring town. It was nice even though we couldn't understand everything that our Scottish taxi driver said!



Voice Update: All of the coughing has made my voice a bit raspy but . . . still doing pretty well.

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Chris H said...

I'm glad you are on the mend mate.
Your holiday pics are neat.