Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fair Dublin City

Hi All!

For some reason, I am feeling a bit cranky today so I will keep the "chit-chat" to a minimum.

My cold/cough is still improving. Now I really only cough a bit unless I exert myself and then I have a nice coughing attack. I determined that after grocery shopping and getting all the food into the house only to have to sit for a minute to recover from a serious bout of coughing. Not good!

This morning I spent an hour out amongst my flowers in the front bed. I think I told you that a couple of my shrubs are really struggling with the summer heat (and from me not being home for two weeks!). Today I gave them a good trim hoping that getting rid of the dead wood will encourage what is still alive to grow.

In addition, I cut back my two sage plants (one white and one purple) so that they are more the size I want them instead of the gargantuans I came home from vacation to find in my flowerbed! Hopefully, I can keep them trimmed and in control or I will have to replace them for something slower growing.

Okay - chit-chat done. Time for pictures of Dublin, Ireland.



Voice update: Since the cold is receding, my voice is slowly improving again. Yesterday I listened to some stories I recorded for classes a couple of semesters ago. I was shocked to hear hesitations and words I couldn't say correctly. I guess time does make a difference!

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