Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today is the Day

Hi All!

Well, today is the day that classes start again for this semester. However, things are turning out significantly different from what I thought they would be.

First, the only class that I really needed to take was Interpreting III. Of course, that class was cancelled yesterday (through the grapevine because calling would be too logical!). So - ANOTHER semester of classes. I don't think I will ever finish this stinking program!

Next, I have been trying to sign up for Transliteration class (a type of interpreting) and the school has been adamant that I don't have enough English skills to take it. So - after MANY phone calls, I got a call from the school telling me that everything is worked out and I can register. I go online to register and . . . . guess what! I can't register!

And of course, I can't call to get things worked out because yesterday was the first day of classes and the Academic Advisers are all busy.

Should I tell you what I am thinking of the Academic Advisers at this moment?

At least the teacher of Transliteration told me to come to class tonight even if I can't get registered. That is good.

Finally, since Interpreting III is cancelled, I will be finished with classes much earlier than I anticipated. That is a good thing!


Now that I have all of that off my chest.

I swam for the second day in a row (cheers, please!) today. Hubby was up early to head to the airport for his conference and so I got up early too and hit the pool before 7:00 A.M. Nice! The water was a tad bit warmer than it was yesterday but still refreshing!

After a few weeks of not wanting to read (this is a BIG deal since I read ALL the time normally), I forced myself to pick up a book last night and now I am hooked. It is a "fluffy" book - just right for my mood at the moment - and it is good. In fact, I think I will be reading for most of the day (after a quick nap to make up for getting up so early!).

It sounds like a good day!


Voice Update: Doing well despite a cough hanging around now and again. My throat has been a bit sore but I think that is due to drainage (hopefully, the END of the cold not the beginning of another!).

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