Friday, October 29, 2010

What Was I Going to Blog About?

Hi All!

Well - it has been a busy couple of days for me so that means . . . sadly . . . no blogging! That is the way the old cookie crumbles, I guess!

You will be proud of me though- despite the busy days I have continued to walk each morning and do my weight routine. I even walked with Hubby once in the past three days! Yeah!

It is funny - when I wasn't able to blog because I was away from home I had all kinds of ideas of things to blog about. However, now that I am actually here in front of the computer . . . . they are all gone!

Sooo - I guess I will just post this short blurb for now. Maybe later I will remember something important to blog about. . . .

Don't hold your breath!


Voice Update: Still doing well with the massage and the exercises - the oral reading is getting hit by my busy days . . . not too good. I think my voice is still doing well.


Mental P Mama said...

*poof* Where do all those great ideas go???

imbeingheldhostage said...

I'm sure you have loads of important things to blog about, you just cracked under the pressure ;-)