Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Try This Again!

Hi All!

Well, I never really figured out what I was planning on posting yesterday but today I do have something - hopefully it will be interesting!


Have I ever mentioned that I can be a bit of a klutz at times? It seems like if some weird, freaky accident can happen to me - it does!


Well, yesterday was a good example of just that.


I was just finishing up my shower. I had the towel and was drying off and getting ready to walk out of the shower - the door was open and everything. Then. . . I dropped the towel.


Bending down to get the towel was not a problem but straightening up again . . . I hit the shower door with my head.


There was blood - actually, there was a lot of blood. I split my head open - about an inch and a half long and up in my hair so it isn't really visible unless you look. It seemed like the blood was never going to stop so I called up Mom to see just when you needed stitches. My hair was turning a nice reddish color (maybe I will try being a redhead sometime!) and there was blood running down my cheek and my neck.


After several minutes of applying pressure to the cut, the bleeding stopped - well, it slowed to a very slow ooze and then stopped a while later. After examining things and consulting with Mom and Dad I decided I didn't need stitches - just a softer shower door!


Cleaning up the blood ended up being the worst thing. I got lightheaded and ended up going to bed. This was in addition to the headache I had from actually hitting my head. What a morning!

To make things even more interesting, I had an appointment to get my hair cut yesterday afternoon! Luckily, everything went fine and great care was taken around my cut.


Did I mention that I am planning on letting my hair grow out? It has been short for quite a while and it is time for a change. Of course, when your hair is SHORT like mine is, the only real change you can do is to let it grow so . . . that is the plan. We will see how long I can stand it before having it all cut off! Hopefully, I will make it to a bob!

I think that I will have to "document" the growth of my hair. Of course, I don't have a photo for you today - this morning my hair is all "Bed-head" so I will wait until I am having a good hair day to show you!


At least Skor had a good time yesterday!

How was your day yesterday?




Voice Update: Well, I didn't really do everything I planned to do yesterday - including my vocal exercises. I will be back on track today as long as there isn't any blood!


Flea said...

Oh my! How horrid! I split my skull in college in the shower (slipped and fell on the tile) and needed four stitches. Your mom is right - it's dependent on whether or not the bleeding stops. You poor thing.

Mental P Mama said...

Yowza! Maybe you should get a helmet!