Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Juicy Story

Hi All!

This morning I feel a little more "with it" but not a whole lot! For some reason I was just "off" all day yesterday - which made it difficult to concentrate in lab and then hard to handle the constructive criticism in class.

Have you had days like that? When anything anyone says to you is just taken too personally - not because of how they say it or what they say but just because of the way you are feeling at that time?

Anyway - hopefully, today will be much, much better! I have an observation scheduled for 11:00 so I am getting ready to go soon.

My rant for today is all about defrosting stuff in the fridge.

On Sunday Hubby and I went through the fridge and the freezer checking our supplies and making a shopping list for the grocery store. At that time I spied some pre-marinated fajita meat that I decided to take out so I could grill it on Tuesday. The meat was all vacuum packed so there was no need to put the package on a plate while it defrosted - right?


Yesterday I came home from class and was all ready to get the meat out to grill. I went out to the patio and got the grill going and then into the kitchen to get the meat out.


Let me tell you - more "juice" came out of that sealed package than I thought was possible. The entire shelf (luckily it was the kind that contains spills) was covered with a layer of "juice." Meat juice. Yuck!

This was the shelf on which the cartons of milk, orange juice, grape juice, etc. live. Let me tell you - those cartons can only take so much moisture before they start to absorb stuff. Gross looking stuff. I only hope that nothing actually made it through the carton and into the contents - now THAT would be disgusting! There was also a carton of six beer bottles on that shelf. The carton managed to fuse itself to the shelf. Nice.

So - my simple task of getting the meat and slapping it on the grill turned into a major fridge cleaning event. First I did get the meat and get it on the grill and then I returned to face the clean up.

After sacrificing many, many paper towels to the great meat juice spill of 2010, I managed to get enough of the shelf dried off so I could take it out of the fridge to wash it. In the process I had to dry off each and every item on the shelf (and look at the cartons hoping that they weren't contaminated!). Then it was into a sink of hot, soapy water for the shelf.

After about half an hour of working I had the shelf clean, dry and back into the fridge with its contents cleaned off and back on the shelf.

All that trouble for some fajita meat!

I guess I should say that the meat grilled perfectly and was very good on my salad for dinner!

I hope today is MUCH better than my day was yesterday!


Voice Update: I am still a good girl - doing my exercises and massage. My voice seems to be responding pretty well - unless people are asking me about my voice and then it acts up just to "show off." Having a "dance partner" like this is just annoying sometimes!


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