Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Morning Tale

Hi All!

This morning came WAY too early for me.

Last night I was at an observation until about 8:00 and so when I finally got home and had some dinner (prepared by hubby) and relaxed, it was time to go to bed! Of course, I put it off some because I needed to have some time with the kitties (they like it when I sit down with them and pet both of them at the same time) and some play time with Skor (to hopefully wear him out so he leaves me alone during the night!).

Just when I was ready to nod off while on the living room floor, I realized that I needed to wash my face, brush my teeth, and prepare for bed. Reluctantly I heaved myself off the floor, plodded into the bathroom and started taking care of what I needed to do.

Why doesn't the water in the sink get warm quicker? Washing my face with cool to lukewarm water isn't particularly inviting.

Once everything was ready I played "try to keep Skor and his toy out of the bathroom so I have some privacy." Let's just say that I very, very rarely win that game.

After a final burst of playtime for Skor, Hubby put up the toy (Mr. Sparkly) and we both settled in bed for the night. It seemed like Hubby was snoring away in mere seconds but me - I was tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Then, when I found a good position for my body, my mind kept running and running and running. I spent another good while trying to focus on something to get my mind calmed down (it ended up being a weird story about being a famous singer/ice-skater/ballerina whose feet were injured - due to the fact that my feet were slathered with cream and encased in special moisturizing socks). Anyway - soon I was in dreamland.

My dreams last night seemed to center around grilling outside for some odd reason.

Then - it was morning.

Just like that. Without any warning.

Hubby's alarm went off. A full hour earlier than usual (due to his "field trip" for work which left this morning at 6:45). Ugh!

Since the alarm went off, that meant that it was time for Skor to wake me up (who needs an alarm clock of my own??). Let's just say that I was certainly NOT ready to get up yet.

After Skor got frustrated by my lack of movement he left (to call in reinforcements) and I listened to the sounds of Hubby getting ready for work (with my eyes closed).

It wasn't too long before Skor was back. With Miss Cleo.

You need to understand that Skor - while not very subtle - tends to be easy to ignore (until he starts massaging my face with his claws!). Miss Cleo will NOT be ignored. For such a small cat (in stature, not weight), she certainly has a hard head. Which butts against available parts of my body in her efforts to get attention. Being head-butted in the kidney is my particular favorite. It is right up there with having her massage my bladder first thing in the morning (Oy!).

So - the situation is that I am in bed desperately trying to remain asleep. Hubby is in the bathroom getting ready for work and occasionally asking me questions (all of which I managed to answer intelligently). Both cats are now on the bed working on getting me up (they are certain that if Hubby is up and I am not - I MUST be late!).

Don't you wish you were me this morning?



Hubby finally headed out to the kitchen for breakfast and he fed the kitties. Hearing that magic sound of food hitting the bowls caused both kitties to speed out of the bedroom like their tails were on fire.

Finally. Some peace.

I managed to nap for a bit until Hubby was ready to leave. Since he is headed out for a while on his "field trip" I wanted to say goodbye.

After Hubby left the kitties apparently gave up on me (either that or they were so full from the food fest that they just had to rest a bit) and they let me sleep for another 45 minutes - until my "normal" time to get up.

Then - right before the alarm went off - Skor came in to wake me up once and for all. He manages this by getting in between me and the alarm clock so I can't turn the blasted thing off (which is the loudest alarm I could find at the time I purchased it) for at least an entire minute. After that - I am awake.

Luckily, once I am awake, I am fully awake. Hubby hates this fact. I wake up ready to talk and laugh and start the day. Hubby - he starts the day out more . . . gradually.

I got out of bed and got dressed to walk (the first time in a while since I have been leaving the house early for observations). Next I headed to the kitchen for breakfast and then hit the sidewalk.

Let me just say it was the perfect morning for walking. It was about 67 degrees when I woke up and there was a light breeze. I didn't start sweating until about 3/4 of the way through the way and that, my friends, is a wonderful treat! The sun and the clouds put on a nice welcome to the day and I got to rubber-neck to see all of the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood.

Is it just me or are people getting more into Halloween these days? I don't seem to remember too many people decorating for Halloween when I was a kiddo. Maybe it is just the mass marketing of Halloween decorations which has jump-started the trend.

Anyway - after finishing my walk, spending about 5 minutes petting a kitty who was outside (please, please, please keep your kitties inside. They live much longer and healthier lives inside than they do outside!), and watering my flowerbeds and tomato crop (have I told you about that? I have about 8 little green tomatoes on the plant and I am pretty sure they will all get they chance to ripen before the end of our season here!), I came in, sat at the computer, and started taking the hem out of the right leg of my walking pants.

What an exciting start to the day!


Voice Update: Believe it or not I am being VERY good! I am still doing my exercises each and every time I get into the car (I mute the radio until I am done so I don't get distracted!) and I do my throat massage every morning and evening when putting on lotion after washing my face. I have been hearing a few weird breaks in my voice lately but I attribute those more to stress (meeting new people and going to unfamiliar places is not something that I really enjoy. However, it is something I must do for my observations!)than to any real problem with my voice. Now all I need to do is get that oral reading going again.