Friday, October 8, 2010

Modern Day Shepherd

Hi All!

Happy Friday! We all made it to the end of another week! Yeah for us!

Before you start asking about it . . . YES - I am doing my exercises and my massage. In fact, I just did some massage while I was waiting for the pictures to load to my blog this morning and I am sure I will do some more before getting ready for my day! My neck is still pretty sore from Susan's "work" on it Wednesday but I am working through the pain! As always, the exercises and massage really are making a difference. Sometimes I just wonder why I get so "stupid" and neglect these things. They aren't difficult and don't take much time but they are so very worth it! I guess I just like to pretend that I don't have SD. Then I would be closer to normal!

What? You don't think that I can get closer to normal?

I will ignore that.

Moving on.

This morning my mom shared these pictures with me.

This is Dad in the goat enclosure. He looks like the embodiment of a modern day shepherd!
He has his goats (would that make him a goatherd then?) and his dogs . . . he is ready to go!

Like any good shepherd/goatherd, he take the time to greet each of his goats . . .

He looks to make sure that they are all doing okay.

On a totally different subject . . . I just had to share more pictures of Skor. I know it gets boring but he is just so darn cute!

How he can sleep in these positions just amazes me!
I guess that is all I have to bother you with today.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Voice Update: Look at the blurb above - summary: I am doing well with my exercises and massage and shouldn't ever ignore them again!


Flea said...

Goats AND Skor! Rock on!!!

Dianne said...

love the shots of your Dad
and Skor is wonderful, you know I believe one can never take too many photos of cats or children - or dogs or goats or trees or ...

you get the picture :)

Mental P Mama said...

Your dad looks amazing! So do those goats;)

Chris H said...

What lovely looking goats! They look well cared for.
Skor... well he's a doll too. And I don't even LIKE cats! lol