Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi All!

Once more it has been a while since I last posted. Blame it on being busy, busy, busy! What a life!

I thought I would show some "relaxing" pictures today to insert some calmness into a busy week!

My kitties make me laugh. Right before I took this picture, Skor (the big hunk of fur on the left) was kicking Miss Cleo (the brown blob on the right). Miss Cleo was growling but couldn't be bothered to move to stop Skor. I wonder who laid there first?

Ah - sunset! How relaxing! I like it when there is a lot of pink in the sunsets - since that is my favorite color!

See - pink! I wanted to get closer to the water to see if I could get a reflection of the colors in the lake but . . . we were spelunking so that was out!

This sunset was WAY more spectacular in person but . . . I couldn't get a good shot of it. This is the best I could do!

This was the view out of the window while Hubby and I were eating out. Doesn't that pink cloud in the middle look like a pig?
I had to go outside to get the shot and by then the pig was starting to change into something else. However, when we first saw it - even Hubby (who never sees things in clouds) saw the pig!

This is another golf course shot. Sometimes the sunsets are so lovely. In this one the sun hasn't gotten low enough to start making colors other than this gold.

I am thinking of putting just sunset pictures on my digital frame in the living room. They can be so dramatic!
Well - those are my "relaxing" pictures. Do you feel more relaxed now?
Voice Update: Doing fairly well. I did notice that my voice was giving me problems with the "T" sounds and hard C sounds earlier this week. This really makes me frustrated because I have been doing more exercises and massage lately! Huh! I guess I just need to step things up another notch! I guess I can't forget about ABSD even during busy times! Rats!!!


Mental P Mama said...

Ahhhh. I feel very relaaaaaxed. Thanks;)

Chris H said...

I love colourful sunsets too... and if they are pink it means the next day is going to be fine!