Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monnflower Madness!

Hi All!

My moonflowers are certainly putting on a show these days!

And this was a "slow" night for blooms! Most nights there are about a dozen big, white blooms to look out from the kitchen window!
In non-flower news, I am busy (as usual) with class stuff. I am having a good time observing working American Sign Language interpreters and learning from them. I still have no clue how in the world I am supposed to get 200 hours of observation (I currently have 57) but . . . . I will do what I can!
My voice is starting to act up a bit . . . it is a little annoying but I suppose it will do that from time to time to remind me about what is going on! Nothing too "big" is happening but I am noticing more difficulty on unvoiced consonants (my nemesis) and finding that once in a while (usually once or twice in a ten minute conversation) I have some "breaks" or "hesitations" happening.
I guess I need to step up my vocal exercises. Geez! How many times have I said that in the past couple of months? If only I would actually follow through. Maybe I need to put a post-it on my forehead to help me remember or something like that! I will have to work on that. I could always list exercises on my daily calendar where I put my observations . . . . do you think that would work?
We will see what happens!
Have a great Tuesday!


Coffee Bean said...

Beautiful flowers!!! Beautiful pictures in the post before this one as well. Your cats look pretty squeezable!

Mental P Mama said...

Those moonflowers are gorgeous! Now go do your exercises!

Flea said...

Your moonflowers are gorgeous! I'm jealous.

Chris H said...

Those flowers are so delicate looking. I hope your voice stops playing up.