Monday, October 11, 2010

A Pretty "Fair" Weekend

Hi All!

This weekend was our annual outing to the State Fair of Texas! I don't know that I had ever gone to the State Fair of Ohio when I lived there but, since the State Fair of Texas is in Dallas AND the musicals to which we have season tickets are held at the Music Hall at Fair Park . . . we go!

Every year there is one musical held during the State Fair. This year it was Shrek!

Having basically missed the entire Shrek mania when the first (and second and third) movie came out, I was a little in the dark about the plot. I will admit to doing a little research prior to the musical. I borrowed Shrek and Shrek 2 and watched them. Lovely little stories!
The musical was really a lot of fun despite the first big number (with Shrek in it) being a bit hard to understand. As the show progressed either the sound was adjusted or our ears adjusted because we could understand things more clearly.
The set design was simple and yet very effective with huge swamp trees that moved around the set to indicate movement through the swamp/forest and backdrops forming the castle of Dulok and other locations.
Costumes were amazing. Shrek's green skin really seemed to be a part of him and the fairy tale characters were cleverly done. I especially liked Pinocchio's costume which really did seem to make him wooden! Bright colors were everywhere making the stage cheery for most of the play.
The parts of the musical which really hit me were clever references to other Broadway shows such as Wicked and Lion King which were not on the original musical soundtrack. Also, the musical tipped its hat to the Dallas area with references to local things such as "Jerry's World" and J.R. Ewing. Hubby particularly liked those references!
Overall, the musical was a hit! It was fun for me as an adult and, from the enjoyment the children in the audience seemed to have, a winner with children as well! If it comes to your town, I would say - go and see it for a fun afternoon!

After the musical it was time to enjoy the Fair.

This is the icon of the state fair - Big Tex! He stands tall over the fairgrounds (and the famous Fletcher's corn dog stand) and even greets fair goers with several different speeches.
Behind Big Tex is the Cotton Bowl. There was a football game going on there during our visit to the fair. You could hear the roar of the crowd whenever there was a touchdown!
One of the things I really enjoy about the fair is seeing all of the buildings in their Art Deco style. They were designed for the World's Fair which was held in Dallas and still look pretty impressive today with their statues and architecture.

These two statues were recently restored and put into place. There is some controversy because they are "anatomically correct."
Whatever! They are beautiful to see.
It seems like every year the fair tries to restore one more thing at the park.

In the entryway to each of the buildings there are these large murals stretching at least three stories tall. The colors are rather muted and each represents some aspect of civilization (I think this was film but am not sure!). They are largely ignored by fair goers but are an interesting piece of history!

Outside most of the buildings is a lovely statue - again representing different aspects of civilization. I have no clue what this one is but thought it was lovely with its building framing it so nicely.

Beyond the architecture, Hubby and I enjoyed walking around the car show and then enjoying some "fair food." How can you go to the state fair and not eat a corny dog (should that be capitalized, I wonder?) and a funnel cake?
This year, like the past four or five, Hubby and I took the DART train to the fair. We have to drive about 25 minutes to reach the Dart station but then the train takes us right to the fair. Last year was the first year that the station right outside of the fair was open and THOUSANDS of people took the train. It made our ride horrible - standing in a packed train car (in my case with a bike tire in my back) and then waiting forever at the Pearl Street station to transfer trains (yes, there is one transfer required)!
At least this year was better. We actually got seats both coming and going! Yeah!
After the long day of walking at the fair we headed to Wendy's for some dinner (I love their baked potatoes with chili and a Frosty!) and then to Home Depot for some much needed items for changing the oil in my car.
Doesn't that all sound like fun?
It was a full, fun day and we certainly slept well that night!
Voice Update: Be proud of me! I have been doing my massage three times a day every day since seeing Susan. Hopefully, it is doing its job! I have also been doing my exercises each and every time I get into my car. Since I am doing observations, that is a lot of exercises being done!


Mental P Mama said...

No fried butter?!

Diane said...

You make the fair sound really fun! I love the art deco theme of your fair grounds! Beautiful! I admit to never having eaten a funnel cake though...

Our dart train is packed to and from football games. We always hope for a sit down ride! And because it goes to the airport, there's always people with luggage!