Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Hi All!

Another day of observations - and a speech appointment - done! Yeah!

The speech appointment wasn't surprising (other than the fact that I forgot that I had the appointment in the first place!). I pretty much knew exactly what Susan was going to tell me. I guess that means that I have a good understanding of how SD and I work together on the "dance floor." Susan even said that I was a good judge of what I needed to do to get my voice back on track when SD tries to "change the steps" of our "dance." Of course, my throat/neck was tight - because I have neglected my massage!

That means that Susan had to "work" on my neck a bit and that it is sore at the moment. However, the tenderness didn't stop me from doing some massage this morning already. I am determined to get back on the "good voice express!"

*** Why am I so into quotation marks this morning? It is a bit odd, don't you think?

Anyway - Susan said I was still doing well despite my tapering off of the exercises and massage (which is currently the most important thing I should be doing) but that (wait for it) I needed to get back on track with my routine! Are you surprised? I wasn't!

It was good to see Susan again - during all of those months (and years) of therapy we have really gotten to be friends and not seeing her is odd after three years! However, I guess it is a good thing that I am only seeing her every six weeks now instead of every week or every other week - right?

**** Do you think that I am now replacing quotations with parenthesis? Interesting!

Are you ready for some pictures?
Here is Miss Cleo (a little chubby, isn't she??) enjoying her "new" spot in the sun. She looks so peaceful and I love that one of her legs is sticking through the back of the chair!

Now see Skor staring at Miss Cleo whose "new spot" is his regular bird-watching spot.

I sense a confrontation coming . . . don't you (surprisingly, he didn't pick a fight with her but waited until she moved and then took up his post!)?
*** Okay - now I am combining quotations AND parenthesis! What is going on here?

While this isn't a very good picture, I wanted to show the fruit that I made and which Hubby (miraculously) ate without saying anything! It had watermelon, pears, peaches, and kiwi. It was very good and very healthy!


I must warn you that the next picture is just a bit scary! I took it to show a specific thing but to do so I had to take my makeup off and that revealed "wonderful" dark circles and blemishes. Lovely!

Here it is in all its glory (yeah!)! Please ignore the imperfections (if you can) and focus on the lower lid of my left eye (which is on the right side of the picture thanks to mirrors!).


Do you notice anything different about that eyelid?


Hopefully, you can see that there is a large "patch" of swelling under my eye. It almost looks like a blister.


This swelling developed last night (evening) while I was sitting on our couch watching television. I felt something "odd" but didn't think anything of it because this is the season for eye allergies in my life. However - I went to the bathroom and while washing my hands noticed . . . the swelling!


I called Hubby into the bathroom and asked him if he had noticed that something was a bit "off" with my eyelid while he was talking to me in the living room. Of course he hadn't noticed anything different (does that surprise anyone? A man not noticing something?).


I immediately washed my face and then got an ice pack from the freezer to apply to my face. The swelling went down to a much more manageable size but . . . what in the world could have caused this thing? Hubby did take a close look and said he didn't see any bite marks on the area (and I didn't feel anything bite my eyelid while watching television!).


Luckily, this morning the swelling - while still there - is much diminished.


Another mystery in my life.


I should tell you that when Hubby and I were discussing it he very wisely said "Honey, with your luck, you shouldn't be surprised by this. It is just another thing which would happen only to you!"






Voice Update: I pretty much said it all in the blog. Still doing well. Neck sore from Susan's "work." Need to be more consistent with the exercises. I am already on a good track with that.


Mental P Mama said...

I could look at those cats all day! And I've had those fluid filled blobs under my eyes too. I chalked them up to fatigue and eye strain. They go away as mysteriously as they appear!

Chris H said...

I wake up EVERY MORNING with swollen eyes... but not from a bite... it's my fluid retention! I hate it. Once I've taken my pills and piddled at least 6 times in the moring it goes down. Not a good look!
Hopefully your swelling is gone and does not come back.