Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wii Fit

Hi All!

It is still below freezing in Texas (at least in the mornings!) and since I don't have heavy enough clothing to walk in weather that cold (with the wind chill it is in the low teens!), I have been working out using my Wii Fit. I really like this "video game" and when I first got it I was dedicated to working out on it every day. Of course, that lasted about a month and then . . . . the balance board sat gathering dust on top and cat toys between it and the wall. *sigh*

Now I have gotten the balance board back out, dusted it off, changed the batteries, and have gotten back to work!

Today was my second day in a row (please hold the applause until I reach a good number like 10 or so!) to work out and I just want to tell you - if anyone reading this thought that the Wii Fit can't possibly give you a good workout . . . think again!

Yesterday I did my "Monday routine" which starts with some Yoga poses and then moves on to some strength training exercises before finishing up with a couple balance games. Last night I could already tell that I had worked out. My body was complaining about the activity! Not my legs so much - they are used to walking every morning - but my arms and sides! Can you say - do I really need to lift my arms for anything today?

This morning it was difficult to drag myself out of bed despite the hard working kitty (Skor) who was determined that I would. My body really, really just wanted an aspirin and more sleep. However, I got up, made Hubby his lunch (because he does so much for me!), and then got to work.

Tuesday's routine starts with more Yoga - stretching is important every day, right? - and then moves on to aerobic exercise (hula hooping really takes a lot out of you!) and ends with a couple balance games. Once I actually started working out, my muscles capitulated and got with the program. I am a bit aprehensive about what my muscles will feel like in a couple of hours. It might make work "interesting!"

Two days in a row. Not too bad for a start. Let's see if I can stick to this when I start walking again. Now THAT would be dedication!


Voice Update: In the morning my voice was excellent! I had no difficulties at all with any sounds. However, after working at packing at the office and talking to Linda for about three hours . . . my voice was a bit fractious when I got home! The word "two" was of particular difficulty for some reason. I did my massage and my inhalation voicing so we will see how things go today at work. I did get a new massager from work - someone gave it to Linda and she didn't use it so she gave it to me. The massager is a small thing which is powered through the USB port in a computer! The whole thing is a bit underpowered but it is nice for some quick muscle massage while working on the computer!


noble pig said...

I want a Wii Fit but we have have Playstation 3 so the hubby says no. Boo.

Flea said...

Very nice! We don't have a Wii. :( I hear the Fit is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Mental P Mama said...

Color me impressed! My treadmill has cobwebs on it;)

Karen said...

I hear good things about the Wii Fit. Good for you for starting - I'm sure you'll be at Day 10 in no time, and then we'll wildly applause.

Chris H said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your Wii Fit, we almost bought it, then went with a Cross Trainer instead!