Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blue Blanket Time!

Hi All!

Even though my muscles ached all day yesterday making every movement excruciating*, I made it through the day! Work went well despite the awful woman recording on the United Healthcare automated help line. I don't understand how she can ask me to repeat something and then cut me off while I am repeating it! She isn't as nice as the Aetna man recording. He sounds like a cutie! I think I have a crush on him!

* This is a HUGE exaggeration. My muscle did ache but it was just a tick above the annoying level. I am just being a wimp!

Despite my muscles' protest, I got busy with the Wii again this morning. It was Yoga and strength training today. Not surprisingly, my push ups weren't as good as they were on Monday - probably due to my sore bicep muscles! My balance wasn't as good as usual either - probably because my calf muscles are competing to see who can be the "camp cramp champ!"

Actually, after going to bed with an aspirin, I woke up MUCH better. Only my calves are still really protesting. This surprises me a bit since I walk pretty much everyday. They should be used to being abused! By the way - still no walking since the arctic air is heading this way. It was a bit warmer today - about 30 - but tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be lows of 15 or so with highs during the days of only the low 20s. Brrrr!

Speaking of bed . . . it is blue blanket time!

What? You don't know about blue blanket time? You don't do this at YOUR house?

Actually, that doesn't surprise me too much!

Blue Blanket Time only comes about in our household when the temperatures dip lower than normal during our winters. This "ritual" involves days of discussing if we need an additional blanket on the bed - the blue blanket. Then, after the decision to put the blue blanket on the bed there is the straining to remember just where we put the blue blanket after the last cold snap. This leads to a hunt through every closet in the house until the blue blanket is found and triumphantly carried back to the bedroom.

Next, there is the debate over just how we should put the blanket on the bed. Over the comforter? Under the comforter? Do we tuck it in at the bottom? Leave it longer at the top? As always, we decide to put the blue blanket under the comforter (to minimize the white cat hair accumulation on the dark blue blanket) and to not tuck it in but to leave a fold at the bottom for extra warmth for our feet.

Now we strip the comforter off the bed (after pushing Skor off the bed once or twice), spread the blue blanket over the sheet (again, after pushing Skor off the bed at least once), fold the bottom of the blanket up for the foot warming area, and then pulling the comforter over the bed (with Skor between the blanket and the comforter).

A faint smile creeps onto Hubby's face as he anticipates a nice, toasty warm night of sleep. He is the one who is almost always cold at night. Me - I am the one who can sleep with only a sheet most of the time! We hurry to get ready for bed and then slide into our newly blue blanketed bed. We both sigh with contentment as we feel the foot warming layer doing its job.

Yes, there isn't anything quite as satisfying as blue blanket time!


Voice Update: Still doing pretty well. I must admit that I slacked on my exercises yesterday. I think my muscle aches distracted me from my needed work! I am doing some massage this morning to work out some soreness from my neck muscles. I will "hit" the inhalation exercises in just a moment (can't type and do them at the same time for some reason!). I do have a speech appointment today so we will see what Susan thinks about my voice!

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