Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best Post Ever . . . .

Hi All!

On the walk from my water cooler to the computer room this morning I had THE idea. The idea for the BEST blog post ever, It was something which would catch your attention, make you think, leave an impression on you which would last the entire day. The post was pre-formed in my mind. It was perfect.

And then . . .

I sat at the keyboard and it was lost.


Try as I might, I can not recapture the idea for the best post ever. Like mist on a sunny day, it is gone too soon to be captured. *sigh* Oh well. I guess you will just have to settle for an ordinary post from me again today. I apologize!

Yesterday I spent about four hours at work cleaning and packing. My job for the day was cleaning and packing the "kitchen" area. This is a small area with three little cupboards around the sink area. Let me tell you - for a group of women, this area was a MESS! Food was in the cupboards which was five years out of date. There was gunk under the sink which is best not described.

Luckily, packing everything up (and throwing a LOT of old stuff away) didn't take me that long AND - with the exception of the coffee pot and some miscellaneous cups and stuff - it is done! Now I can move on to some files which need to be cleaned out and shredded. Doesn't that sound like fun to you?

My speech appointment went very well yesterday. Susan said that my throat was the loosest it has been for a while and that my voice was "excellent." I didn't have any breaks at all while I was speaking to her in my session. Of course, when my session was done I was out talking to my other bosses and heard some breaks. Could be they stress me out talking about packing, etc. What do you think?

In other news, my mother will be proud of me. I stopped at several different stores yesterday (she says I never get out and shop). On my way to work I hit the post office (stamps for three of the bosses), Staples (tubs to pack for the move), Wal Mart (thread and a crochet hook for a project Mom and I are doing "together" even though I have no clue how to crochet!), and the gas station (which helped me actually get to work!). Then, on the way home I stopped at Big Lots to pick up some Christmas bows (at half price) for my Christmas wreath. The old bows had seen better days so . . . I needed news ones. While getting bows I found some fake candle lights for in the windows (we used to do this at home and I have always liked the look), some treats for my Dad (in a couple years - they have to get nice and stale), some sweatshirts I can make into cardigans (good cardigans are always a good idea), some Healthy Choice meals (at an exceptional price) and some cream of chicken soup.

That was quite a shopping spree for me!

This morning I woke up with a bit of a headache due to the rapidly changing weather we are experiencing. However, I managed to get through another day of my Wii workout. Today was yoga and aerobics. My body is a bit shaky after the workout and I am sweating more than you would like to know about. I am proud that I got through the workout even though my head was trying to lure me back into bed!

Hope you have a terrific Thursday!


Voice Update: Well, I pretty much said it all in the main part of my blog but . . . I am doing well. I did talk to Susan about the man I met who had a good voice for five years and has regressed. Susan told me not to worry because he regressed due to a botched Botox shot and she doesn't think I will regress as long as I continue to be vigilant (!) about my exercises.


Mental P Mama said...

Welcome to my brain-cramp world!

Chris H said...

Woo hoo to a good shopping spree!
ANd I too have thought of an amazing blog post, then forgotten it!

noble pig said...

I am scared of under kitchen gunk!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like an excellent shopping spree.
Glad your voice is doing well.
Greetings from Snowy NY!