Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi All!

Well. This week has really been a "piece of work." I have been packing and working and crocheting and Wii-ing and feeling exhausted. Yesterday I said the week seemed like it would never end and, guess what! It won't!

Yesterday I got home from work at 7:00 with the knowledge that I "get" to get back THIS afternoon! To unpack. Doesn't that sound like "fun?"

Well, I am going to try to block that from my mind until I get there. I managed to get my tired hide outside this morning in the lovely weather - 49 degrees - and walk. It was beautiful. A bit damp from the rain we got last night but beautiful. I didn't realize how much I have missed walking each morning until I started again.

When I got home (sweating) I headed straight to the Wii where I proceeded to get even sweatier (if that was possible!). I did my Yoga and my strength training and one balance game. Eventually I hope to re-introduce the short weight lifting routine I used to do. However, one small baby step at a time, right?

Speaking of baby steps. . . look at this picture and try to see if you can find what is "wrong."

Have you figured it out? Yes! This "grid" is MUCH smaller than it was the last time I showed it to you. Why? Just to add to my week . . . I realized yesterday that I had made a major mistake in the grid - in the second row - and so I took everything out to redo it. Like it isn't taking me long enough to do this project in the first place! Mom is already working on "part two" of her project! She might be done before I even get this darn grid finished!

I had planned to have a quiet day today. I want to go to the DAC since I haven't been there for a couple weeks and then I was going to come home, take a nap, wake up and work on my crochet. Not happening.


I can hardly wait until next week - the fun of unpacking what I don't get done today PLUS a class on Wednesday night from 6 to 10!!!

Please keep praying for Linda. She needs strength and hope right now.


Voice Update: Doing really well despite the fact that I almost choked to death yesterday on some orange juice! My SD makes swallowing tricky and there are times when some liquid or another "goes down the wrong way" and I choke. This is NOT fun and I end up coughing and red-faced and teary eyed before the experience is resolved. This is one reason many people with SD find it easier to drink all liquids through a straw - to minimize choking. The choking is NOT fun and seems to always happen at the worst time (I can even choke on my own spit!) like yesterday when I was in the middle of talking to a client at work!


Elizabeth said...

Happy weekend!

Chris H said...

You have been a busy girl with all the exercising! well done.