Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Half Over and Yet Just Beginning!

Hi All!

Happy Wednesday! That means that the week is half over, right? If only it was the simple at work! This, you see, is the week the office is FINALLY moving! That means that everything has to be ready to move - by Friday! If you have ever watched an episode of the show "Hoarders" you have an idea about my working world lately!

In my office they have removed all of the cabinets and installed them in the new office. That means that everything in those cabinets -half of which I use daily - had to be packed. The stuff I use all the time is now in plastic tubs. Some stuff I used is packed up in larger tubs waiting to be moved so I just don't use it!

And then there are the patient files. Boxes and boxes and boxes of patient files. Patients who are not currently seeing the therapists but whose records they are required to keep for at least five years. Let me tell you, these four women see a LOT of clients!

I have been assigned the task of going through this multitude of boxes to cull out the client folders older than five years. Such fun! One therapist had her files labeled with the year of their last appointment - that made it easy to cull. The others . . . let's just say that the files are labeled NOW!

Plus, once all of the boxes and tubs and things are actually moved into the office, take a wild guess who they need/want to unpack everything for the office! Yep - me! So, basically, even if I am finished packing (which I am not), I am really only half done with the task.

Talk about making the week seem longer!

In other news -here is my daily crochet update.

Yesterday and this morning I have had a very "special" helper with my project. I'll bet that you can guess who it is! Yep. Skor.

"Hmmmm. I have watched Mommy do this for a while. I am pretty sure I can do it. First you grab this stick thing."
"Next you twist it. I think this is the way. Wait - there is something you need to do with that thread stuff. Too bad Mommy won't let me near it. Last night I helped Mommy by cutting that thread into pieces while she was working. I still don't understand why she knotted it back together!"

So far I have seven of the needed twenty seven rows of my grid completed. I am getting better at the whole crochet thing though and almost have how to hold the thread figured out. Now it is just a matter of time!
Voice Update: Doing well. I have been doing inhale a lot - singing to the radio (which is very tough to do!). Plus I did do my massage yesterday - not as long as I should have but . . . tiny steps!


jingle said...

Green is cute,
you are cuter, you with green cloth raising a cat is the cutest.

smiles ;)
I love green.

noble pig said...

I remember when we moved my husband's medical practice. I could still have nightmares if I thought about it too much.