Monday, January 11, 2010

Maudlin Monday

Hi All!

Maudlin: (courtesy of
1.tearfully or weakly emotional; foolishly sentimental: a maudlin story of a little orphan and her lost dog.
2.foolishly or mawkishly sentimental because of drunkenness.

First of all - I am not drunk so . . . I am just tearfully or weakly emotional!

For some reason I am just feeling rather "blah" today and I thought maudlin best covered my bases. Over the weekend I was battling off a head cold - which is pretty much tamed at the moment . That left me feeling blah. Then I got one of the books for class in the mail - a book which was used in "intro" (which I haven't taken yet). I realized that I am a bit behind in that - the rest of the class will be ahead of me in that book so . . . I worked my way through some of what I need to make up.

Being behind in a class which hasn't even started makes me feel "blah."

I finished a knitting project I was working on (I have no idea when I actually started it but it has been sitting in the closet half finished for some time now!) so that I can focus on the crocheting project that my mom and I are supposedly doing together. Mom is already working away on her project and I haven't even started. That makes me feel "blah."

This week will be one in which I "get" to work every day. That makes me feel a bit "blah."

There is a bright spot in all this "blah" though. Today I will not be working because I am meeting my friends from ASL for lunch. I am excited about seeing everyone again. True, classes start next week but Beth won't be joining us because she will be focusing on her classes at DBU.

Hopefully the lunch will cure me of the "blahs" and change maudlin Monday into Magnificent Monday!

Hope your Monday is Magnificent!


Voice Update: I have been vigilant about my inhalation exercises so everything is pretty good. I do need to step up my massage though. It never seems like I have enough time during the day to do massage the way I want!


Mental P Mama said...

meh I think our malaise is catching.....Lunch sounds fun!

noble pig said...

Yeah that would stress me out a bit too.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Lunch with friends always sweeps the blahs away! It's January, you are due for a blah day, but I hope you have a great Monday!!