Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh My! Birds!

Hi All!

Well, the "blahs" are receding. They were helped on their way by the following sight while on my way to lunch with my friends. In fact, I did a u-turn (legal of course) and headed back to take some pictures.

There were HUNDREDS of gulls on this pond. It is a bit difficult to see in the pictures because I wasn't going to walk all the way around the pond (which is pretty big) in the cold (36 or so) to get a better shot. There were also some vultures/buzzards on the wing - HUGE wingspans!

The gulls all congregated on one side of the pond - near the road. I actually was in my car when I took this shot with my hazard lights on stopped at the side of the road. Luckily no one passed me while I took my shot!

Another shot of the birds in flight. The sheer number was amazing. Of course, I should mention that this pond is next to a landfill . . .
Once I got to Starbucks to meet my friends I was in a bit of a better mood. Then we headed across the street to Cane's for lunch. This is my friend, Beth's, favorite restaurant (she is in the black hat in the photos).
We had a nice time eating and talking and catching up. Then we got a bit crazy with the photos!
This one was pretty nice. I look a bit loopy because I was the one doing the timer on the camera and then sitting down before it took the picture!

Of course we had to take a "silly" one too!

We have such fun when we get together! They are such great friends! They certainly helped to chase the "blahs" away!

After lunch I headed to Jo Ann's Fabrics hoping to pick up some bright, multi-colored thread for my hot pad project. They didn't have any! I was disappointed. I guess I might have to venture into Internet ordering IF I finish this hot pad and decide to embark on creating another.

Speaking of hot pads . . . I actually started crocheting yesterday. Hubby had to work late so I checked out Internet videos to get started. This is how far I got.

I have to think that starting to crochet with a TINY hook and THIN thread might not be the best way to start! I was working on the chain that is the one side of the grid for almost all afternoon before I got it to the point where it was good enough to move on to starting the grid! Now I have to make the grid into a square . . . that might take me a while!

I will show you a picture each post to keep you informed. Aren't you excited?


Voice Update: I freaked Hubby out when he got home by talking to him on the inhale. I needed to do some more inhale and wanted to talk to him at the same time so . . . it was convenient! I also did more massage yesterday - while watching TV and being frustrated with crocheting! My voice is pretty darn good at the moment! We will see how it is after a day at work!


noble pig said...

Now I want to watch Alfred Hitchcock.

Mental P Mama said...

Love the lunch bunch! And those birds? Alfred Hitchcock?

Beth said...

Trisha! As I was doing some more stalking of your blog, I realized you have PICTURES on here. What a delightful thing. I think you should put 'em up on facebook. (the one of us AND the bird ones, methinks)