Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Putting One Foot In Front of the Other . . .

Hi All!

Can I just say . . . . **sigh!**

Okay, now that I have that out of the way. I didn't post yesterday because I was so darn tired when I woke up that I just HAD to have a nap before heading to work and that meant cutting out blogging. Sorry!

I am feeling better but not 100% yet. It seems to be very important for me to watch what I eat very carefully. If I eat too much too fast or something which is too "rich" my stomach lets me know (loudly!) that it doesn't approve! Yesterday I ate toast for breakfast. Toast for lunch. And chicken and cheese quesedillas (homemade) for dinner. Dinner was WAY too much for my stomach and I only ate half of what I would normally eat. Maybe this is going to be a new way of life for me!?!

Water is another issue I am having since my illness. I know that I need to drink liquids to stave off the possibility of dehydration but . . . I just can't seem to do it. Water isn't tasting good to me. Frankly, nothing is tasting too good to me at this moment! Another problem with water is that it fills my stomach up and then my stomach hurts. Drats! Currently I am taking small sips multiple times a day to try to get my quota of liquids.

Today I finally got out to walk. I didn't complete my entire route but I did get out there. It was a lovely, damp day with pastel pink and blue skies. After walking my abbreviated route which took about 20 minutes I did some Wii Fit - again much abbreviated. I must admit that my stomach didn't enjoy either of these two activities but fooey on my stomach!

In other news . . . I am working all this week. And all next week. And all every week until the bosses find a permanent person. Linda decided over the weekend to quit to spend time with her family. She is in a rather negative place since she was told that she will continue chemo for the rest of her life. She is naturally assuming that the "rest of her life" won't be very long. I keep reminding her that through God all things are possible. So sad. Please continue praying for her.

The new office is very nice for working in. It is well lit and I am getting it pretty well organized for efficiency. Yesterday was a bit stressful because the phone system wasn't working quite right so the phone person was at the office for over an hour. Also I still had several bins of material to unpack from the weekend. Hopefully today will be a bit calmer. I do have a speech appointment today with Susan so that will be a nice break in my work day.

My next class, Interpreting One, starts this evening. From six until ten - at night! Add a 45 minute drive home onto the end of that and . . .well, I might get to see my darling Hubby snoozing when I get home! I can only imagine how the kitties - especially Skor - will take my prolonged absence! It will be interesting, to say the least! Wish me luck!


Voice Update: Doing well. I haven't gotten back on track with my exercises yet but I did a few yesterday. Being sick really derails everything, doesn't it?


Mental P Mama said...

Ugh. Feel better. When I have a stomach virus, the last thing I can tolerate is water. Sip on some ginger tea or ginger ale. I am hoping you are 100% soon!

noble pig said...

Gatorade! Feel better.