Monday, March 28, 2011

Gardening . . . .And Stuff

Hi All! xsfjsfj Is it just me or has it been forever since I last posted?? dghkdgk Lately, it seems like I have been running around like a crazy woman so posting has been a bit "out of the question." I have thought about you all though. I have WANTED to check blogs and to post but . . . that is hard to do when you aren't home or when you are sound asleep! fhjkfjk Anyway - I am doing really well on my practicum hours but not so well on my sleeping hours. I am sure it will all work itself out soon! ghklgkl In the meantime . . . the front flowerbeds have continued their transformation. Hubby has been steadily working on removing shrubs (basically one or two a day) and we actually planted shrubs yesterday. Take a look. fgjkfg This is what the bed looks like now (remember, we are only this far along on one side of the front!). MUCH smaller plants and the rock (yes, I had to buy a rock since they are rarely seen roaming wild around this area!). fhj Another view of the bed. I can't wait to get mulch on the ground and maybe a few more perennials thrown into the mix. Oh - and the last three "old" shrubs out of the picture! dghk The rock is being kept company by perennials - including black eyed Susan's, bee balm, butterfly bush, pincushion plant, and balloon flower. The new plants are so much smaller . . . They need to grow some but not TOO much!




Voice Update: My neck is a tiny bit "crunchy." I have an appointment with Susan today so I am sure it will be hurting tonight and tomorrow!


Sarah said...

I'm with you on the sleep thing! I keep thinking I just need a break. That whole spring break thing was not really a break! :P We're almost done... right?

Chris H said...

Your garden is really looking good!