Monday, April 4, 2011

The Corner Garden

Hi All! sf gjfsj It has been a while. sfjfsj Has anyone noticed?? sfjsfj Okay - I am done feeling needy for the moment. sfjfsj Last week . . . . well, it was a week. I had stuff for class to do and stuff for life to do and then I wasn't feeling very well so it just sort of flew by without me blogging. Or walking (not good, I know!). Or doing much of anything! sfjfsj That isn't true. I did stuff but nothing too memorable. During the weekend I went out and set to work in my corner garden.


First, I dug out another foot or so.

That was SOOOOOO much fun! The ground was hard as a rock since we haven't had too much rain here lately. dghdghk ***With that said, I should note that it rained/stormed last night and today the ground is much softer! After getting new soil mixed in and the border up I struggled with this fencing - in an effort to keep the bunnies from munching on my cone flowers. I am still not too happy with the fence and think I am going to put posts in at the corners. Eventually! I added two and a half bags of mulch - doesn't it look pretty and fresh? Some plants were rearranged.
And now the corner garden is ready for another summer of fun!


Hubby isn't too sure why I put so much work into the garden. He doesn't see much use in it.


Of course, he does like looking at the blooming flowers during the summer!


Speaking of flowers. I haven't decided if I am going to plant Moon Flowers this year or not. It might be nice to have a year off. Then again - they are lovely things.


Such decisions!


Here is to another busy week! At least I started off on the right foot with a walk in the VERY WINDY weather. We will see if I will be able to walk for more than one day this week!




Voice Update: Last Monday I went to see Susan. She was very pleased with my voice - no skips or breaks or anything when I walked in. That is a bit of a feat, I must say! Susan was happy with the work I have been doing at home but did have to work on my neck a bit to get the "crunchy" out. Can you say sore neck for the next three days? Now to keep up with it!

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Chris H said...

I am sure your corner garden will look lovely once the flowers bloom.