Monday, March 14, 2011

A Cat, A Game, and a Kiwi

Hi All!

Welcome to the first day of my Spring Break! Even though I am in college I am not doing the "traditional" college spring break of going somewhere warm and partying all week. In addition to being allergic to the sun, for some reason, staying at home and taking some naps sound more enjoyable than partying 24/7. I must be old!

Anyway - I am looking forward to seeing where this week takes me. Maybe a little work (classwork never ends despite the break from classes!), a little fun (yet to be determined), a little relaxation (can you say afternoon naps?), and a little more time with family (hello Hubby!).

Today I corralled a few pictures I have taken but not had time to share . . . .

I know you recognize this critter. It is Skor - my mischievous cat who thinks he is still a kitten!
I took this picture to show you the look I get when I am trying to get ready to get out the door. It is so nice to have a supportive kitty at home!

Recently, I bought this game. My favorite Aunt Donna is a scrabble fanatic and when I saw the commercials for this I immediately thought of her. Then I decided to buy it to see what it is like.


I have been enjoying the game - so very different from the regular scrabble game. The next time I head up to Ohio for a visit I will take this with me to show Aunt Donna to see what she thinks.
Like my Kiwi?

Actually, the purpose of the picture was to show you the nifty little tool I got with my Kiwi purchase. It is a knife/spoon. Perfect for kiwi eating on the go!

I am inordinately thrilled with this little "freebie." I regularly take kiwis with me to eat before classes and this will make life easier and a little more interesting!


In other news, I am listening to some new music I downloaded from Amazon. The SXSW festival is taking place in Austin (I am not too familiar with the festival . . . I know, shame on me! However, it is a place where new music and new films are presented to the world. I know that much.) so Amazon has several samplers of music which is being presented during the festival. FOR FREE! So, of course, I downloaded them. There is a mix of music styles on the samplers and I am enjoying listening. True, some of the music isn't exactly my "favorite" but . . . it IS free!


Free music is such fun!


Speaking of free music, I got fifteen free songs with my annual subscription to the local musicals. The songs are from musicals and they are neat! Not a bad gift. And, again, free!




Voice Update: Amazingly, my voice is holding its own despite my lack of attention. Honestly, I have been taking a few additional minutes to take care of massage and exercises but I am not at the "normal" length of time for these ministrations. That is another thing Spring Break will be good for!

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