Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Rock!

Hi All!

The remaining tree out front finally agrees that it is Spring!

Leaves! Tiny leaves, yes, but they are still leaves!


As you know, Hubby and I have been working out in the front flowerbed. Hubby has been digging out old, overgrown shrubs and I have been trimmng shrubs which will wait a while until they are dug up. One of my plans for the beds was to put in a big rock.


So - Hubby and I went rock shopping on Saturday and we got this.

I like it! It has some lichen on it and some holes in it. It has interest!


Around the rock are perennials. Right now I am thinking that this end of the bed will be all perennials and no shrubs but . . . that could change!

Here is the rock closer up.
Now we just have to keep up the digging of shrubs and get the new shrubs planted! Not too much more work, huh?




Voice Update: Still doing really well!


Mental P Mama said...

Wait. You bought a rock????

Chris H said...

OOOO I love the rock!
We have a few BIG rocks in our front 'garden' too.