Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi All!

Okay - I must admit that I have been busy but I must also admit that I am facing a case of blogger block. I just have no clue what to blog about. It seems like my entire brain is so focused on my school stuff that I don't have room for anything else!

That is such a strange circumstance since my brain is normally doing about three trillion things at a time. I wonder what is going on!

Yesterday the arborologists arrived to take down our sick tree. They also trimmed our three other - healthy (presumably) trees. There were three men and then really took care of business. In less than an hour and a half they had the sick tree down and cleaned up and had trimmed the other trees. They were very efficient. You could certainly tell that they had done this before!

Today the stump grinders are supposed to come. Soon the poor, sick tree will be only a memory and an image in digital pictures!

I sort of miss it.

I sort of don't.

In other "news." On Sunday I went to see the Collin College production of Rent. The production was interpreted so I had the opportunity to earn hours towards practicum and the chance to observe the interpreters. Rent is such a complicated show that it was neat to see how the interpreters handled it. Very neat.

Now I am listening to the soundtrack from Rent as I type this. I can just close my eyes and imagine the interpreters working away.

Have you had a chance to check out the programming on the new Oprah channel, OWN? I have had fun watching the behind the scenes stuff on Season 25 of the Oprah show (this is probably not the correct name of the show but . . . you get the idea). It shows all of the work (well, probably only part of it in reality) that goes into each show from scheduling the guests to research to filming. I am fascinated! Then, last night I caught an episode of In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman.

Again - fascinating.

Now, I am not ready to really get into watching all of the shows but so far, the channel looks like it provides good information which I find interesting. It will be fun to see how things progress.

A commercial during the Dr. Berman show sparked an interesting conversation between Hubby and me last night. The commercial was for an episode of a show that looks at different "parts" of American culture. This particular episode was looking at Christianity and homosexuality.

Hubby and I have discussed out feelings about Homosexuality now and again and have also discussed our views of Christianity (we are both Christians). I thought it was interesting that Hubby was upset that shows like the one advertised make Christians look like they are intolerant. He feels that shows like this only perpetuates the "common feeling" that Christians can be bashed with no consequences. He also was a bit upset that shows like this might make homosexuals uncomfortable attending church when churches should welcome anyone who wants to attend.

A lot to think about.


Voice Update: Well, I am pretty much ignoring my voice issues right now. Yes, I do some massage in the morning and again at night but . . . not as much as I should. I have lived with SD for long enough to know that I am heading toward some rough times if I continue to ignore it!


Elizabeth said...

Doesn't sound as if you have run out of things to say!
Yes, Christianity should be tolerant, though it sometimes isn't!
I was brought up Church of England but now really feel that tolerance and goodwill trump everything else.
I'm a great believer in the second commandment: "Love your neighbor as yourself" -- and since I find my neighbors all over the world, I wish for them all the good things I have myself!
I remember once in Italy talking to an old priest who loved the Americans and the British but who hated Muslims.....!
So I said, "But surely God made them too....!"
End of conversation!
Buster says Hi.

Chris H said...

How about a photo once the stump is gone?
Have a great day.

Flea said...

Very interesting thoughts indeed! Especially since just yesterday I watched the mockumentary, Through the Eyes of Tammy Faye. Fascinating historical revision, but love her heart for others.