Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Walk

Hi All!

Since this is my Spring Break week, I have been back to regular morning walks and it is beautiful! Today the thermometer read 64 degrees when I woke up! There was a nice, cool breeze blowing and the day was overcast so I wasn't harassed by the sun. AND - I know this is hard to believe - I actually remembered to take my camera with me! As I walked this morning I captured some of our spring scenes to share with you.

Our trees are a mixture of buds and leaves right now. Some of the buds are bright red - like these (even though they are muted by the dull day!).

There are daffodils blooming, daffodils done blooming, and daffodils just budding.

The Bradford Pear trees are blooming . . . and some are done blooming and studded with pale green leaves!

There are other trees blooming too - like this one (sorry about the blurry picture!).

The new buds on trees just fascinate me. These were rather large buds!

Forsythia is also in that state of flux - either just blooming or mixed with greenery.

It is amazing how many different things are blooming!

These are some of my favorites! They remind me of Spring in Ohio for some reason!

Nothing better than pretty pink/purple blooms!

The day continued to be overcast throughout my walk (the sun did peek out for a bit and I almost caught it in this blurry picture!).
The breeze blew (quite hard at times) the entire walk but I was still sweaty when I got home!
It was a super day for a super walk!
Later today I am going to head out to purchase some new shrubs for our front beds (well, really only half of the beds!). Yesterday Hubby and I discussed things after I trimmed some shrubs. We have been talking about pulling everything out and starting over again. The builder put in shrubs and overcrowded them so that no matter how we trim them . . . they are just too much!
Speaking of trimming shrubs. Can you see one of the results of my labor in this picture?

Yes! A blister! I was wearing my gardening gloves while I was working but . . . I get blisters anyway. What a pain in the finger!

This is what I did. I trimmed the tall holly up to where I could reach (I need a ladder for the rest), the two shrubs around the holly, and the two shrubs to the left of the holly. It doesn't look like much but we had five bags of trimmings to haul out back!

When I came in from my morning walk I found Skor waiting for me in an unusual place. Not because he is on the piano but because he is on the very edge of the piano. He fit just perfectly there!

As a final treat, I took a movie of a Mockingbird's song for you!


Have a super day!




Voice Update: I am doing better with my exercises and massage! My voice isn't getting too much of a workout during this week but I am speaking enough to keep it on track!

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