Thursday, March 10, 2011

Before and After

Hi All!

Yesterday I had an all day assignment - very interesting and with new interpreters so even better! 129.75 hours. It is creeping up there, isn't it?

Tonight is my midterm in Interpreting 2. Honestly, I am a bit nervous since it will be a video thing and my videos haven't been too great for this teacher. Oh well. All I can do is all I can do. Right?

On to other topics. I thought I would show you the "before and after" of our front yard tree.
Here is the "before." I took this picture the morning of the day the guys came to take down the tree. Can you tell which tree is the "sick" tree?

Unfortunately, I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures while the guys were working but, believe me, it was impressive. They had the tree down and cleaned up in less than thirty minutes! This is all that remained.

Here is close up of the trunk that remained. Counting rings either showed the tree was 17 (tree guy counting) or 15 (Hubby counting). Either way, way to young!

Then, the next day the stump grinder man came with a huge machine - again, I didn't take pictures (not doing well, am I?) but chips were flying everywhere so I hid out inside during the process. When he was done this is all that remained.
Almost like the tree never existed.
Sad in a way.
Voice Update: Still doing well despite my lack of interest in my exercises. I have no doubt that I will pay the consequences soon!

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