Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back In The Swing

Hi All!

Well, Spring Break is, regrettably, over. Now it is time to get back into the swing of life at full speed again. Honestly, I am not certain I am ready for this! Yes, it is good to see people I haven't seen during the break (it seems like forever since I last saw them!!) and I get to resume some of the fun things about my classes - like the observations. However, I also must resume the not so exciting things like researching for my paper, making videos of myself interpreting, and quizzes. Bah!

One exciting thing is that it was Hubby's birthday yesterday! He had a nice, relaxing day since he took a day off of work to "pamper" himself. He also was having some back pain (can you say digging shrubs?) so the day off helped that as well. Sadly, I wasn't with Hubby all day since I was out on observations and then at class. Oh well, at least the kitties kept him company!

Due to my early observation yesterday I didn't get in my morning walk but I did this morning. It was a nice morning for a walk - just a hint of coolness in the air and a nice breeze. Warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Some remaining spring flowers. Fresh new leaves on many of the trees. This walking thing can be addicting - even when I would rather just snuggle under the covers! I MUST stay motivated. I MUST stay motivated!

Wish me luck with that!

I hope that your week is off to a good start! Have a wonderful day today!


Voice Update: Doing well. I haven't been saying too much because everything is pretty much "status quo" lately. If you have questions, let me know!


Mental P Mama said...

You rock!!!

Dianne said...

you sure do seem to be motivated
you're sorry to miss a day of walking!!

Happy belated birthday to your husband :)