Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Thought About Clouds

Hi All!

Let me just say that it is HOT here! We are supposed to be getting a "cold front" (yeah, right!) but so far - nothing! At least we had a few clouds this morning that kept the sunlight out of my eyes while I swam. We haven't had many clouds around for a while.

The clouds - and the lovely empty headedness I can attain while swimming - have me thinking. As I go back and forth - and back and forth - and back and forth- I gaze up at the clouds (not every lap but often enough). Sometimes I see objects in the shapes of the clouds. Other times I watch the planes flying through the clouds.

And then there are the times that I just look at the clouds and think that God must have been having fun "finger painting" with the clouds.

You must admit that at times, clouds do look like a big finger painting picture.
Check it out the next time you have a moment. Just look up at the clouds and imagine.
Voice Update: Still reading but still being the big procrastinator (or the big ignorer?) of the massage and exercises. Not good. Not good at all!


Flea said...

So with all your swimming and walking this year, you must be a stick figure by now. I'm jealous. :)

Coffee Bean said...

I love looking at clouds! I am looking forward to things cooling down... even though it doesn't get nearly as hot here as it does where you are. Me no likey hot. Nope.