Monday, August 30, 2010

Starting a New Week!

Hi All!

Well, it is Monday again! That means another whole week to experience and - hopefully - enjoy! I am looking forward to seeing what this week will bring my way!

Today I don't have anything planned but I am sure that I will find many things to do. I know that my friend from class and I have a "phone date" to talk about an assignment for class in about an hour and that will be fun. After that . . . who knows!

This weekend was nice and uneventful for Hubby and me. We just did some chores around the house and had a good time. I did head to the grocery store because Hubby had nothing for lunch today. Normally, I shop on Monday but . . . a change is good, right? I will say that the store kept up its reputation for stocking things whenever I try to shop. There were people everywhere putting stuff on shelves and in coolers and bins. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if they didn't block the aisles while they did their work!

Oh well!

One oddity that I am pondering . . . this morning, when I woke up my left, bottom eyelid was swollen. I mean - puffy parka swollen! It is still a bit puffy but it is slowly going down. Now, what in the world would cause ONE eyelid to swell like that? Weird!

My morning walk/swim was wonderful. The temperature wasn't too bad (79F or 26 C) but it was really, really humid. I stepped outside and by the time I took three steps, I was sweating! By the time I got to the pool - I was looking forward to a plunge!

The water was nice and cool and after the initial shock of the cold water felt absolutely wonderful! It was so nice to swim in cool water and to feel refreshed.

The walk home wasn't too bad but . . . again - HUMID! I was dripping when I was watering my flowers!

Oh - have I told you about the cat that comes and "visits me" every morning while I swim? Normally, the cat just shows up and wanders around the edge of the pool while I swim. He doesn't come close when I am in the water (I guess due to that whole cat/water thing!) but today, I was out of the pool when he showed up. He came right to me meowing. After an initial "getting to know you" sniff session, he decided I could pet his head and back.

He is a sweetie. I was a little worried he was going to follow me home but he didn't leave the pool parking lot. I guess I will see him tomorrow!

Since I didn't want to leave you picture less today - I dug this one up from my files. This is me all ready for Halloween. It is one of my favorite pictures!

Look at those chubby cheeks! Not much has changed!
Have a wonderful Monday!
Voice Update: I read this weekend and actually did my exercises. The massage is still falling short but . . .

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Chris H said...

I hate grocery shopping, does not matter when I do it.. it still sucks!
You might have been bitten by an insect on your eyelid overnight?
YOu did look cute as a wee one!