Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Remember This?

Hi All!

This is the pile of (very unfocused)school books from my ASL 4 class a couple of semesters ago.
Why am I showing this picture?
Well, today is the start of a new semester for me. I am starting a practicum class today - formally the class only meets once a week. I think there will be a ton of out of class work though . . .
I guess I will find out tonight!
I am a bit nervous about class starting and I am a bit excited all at the same time! I will get to see my friends - who I have been with since ASL 3 - again after the summer and they are such wonderful people! The fact that my interpreting 2 class was cancelled might be a good thing since it mean I will take it next semester and Beth will be able to take it with us next semester as well! Yeah!
My morning walk/swim was nice this morning. Once again the water was close to being refreshing. This was surprising as the temperature topped 107 yesterday! I think someone finally got smart and decided to add more water to the pool overnight to make it a bit cooler! The closing date for the pool is still a mystery but I might just have enough energy today before class to figure it out! I agree with you all - it surely can't be when the weather is still hot! We have been known to be in the 90s during September and October so . . . hopefully the pools will be open a long time!
That is about all I know for today - I will let you know how class works out tomorrow!
Voice Update: I still am not reading but I did bother Mom on the phone last night for over an hour so I think that counts!

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Mental P Mama said...

I love school. I know. I am weird....