Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hi All!

I know that I said it was chilly yesterday morning but . . . check out this temp (the temp to the left under the sun icon on the display)!

Sorry about the blurry picture but I wasn't quite awake myself when I took the picture!

At least this beautiful sight greeted me when I shivered my way out of the house!

As I walked along I noticed that these people were having a slight "issue" with their driveway! Imagine having to deal with this first thing in the morning!
My walk/swim went really well. The pool water was finally cool - of course, today it would have been nice if it had been warmer! The first two laps were pretty uncomfortable but then I warmed up and the water felt good. The air once I got out of the pool was another story!
Yesterday was a busy, busy day for me! I headed to speech and Susan told me that she was very pleased with my voice and that I could come back every six weeks unless something happens. Good news!!!
From speech I headed across the Metroplex to the Toyota dealership to get my license plates. They offered to put them on so . . . why not! Things got a little more complicated when I told them that they needed a bracket for the front plate. It normally comes with the car but wasn't in my car when it came from San Antonio so it was ordered. Of course, they had to look in the car to make sure a bracket wasn't in there even though I told them it wasn't (who would believe me???). Then they had to look all over the dealership to figure out who had the part.
Once they found the bracket, you would think it would be smooth sailing right? Wrong!
The dealership in San Antonio had put a different kind of screw on the car for the plates and this dealership doesn't use that kind of screw so they had to hunt down a different screwdriver to take care of the screws. That took about 15 minutes.
This entire time everyone kept apologizing for making me wait. I was fine with it. I pretty much expected that I would have to wait - that is the way life goes for me!
Once the screwdriver was found - and different screws, the kind THIS dealer prefers - thing went quickly and I was off on my way home.
After a quick stop for gas I zipped to Wal Mart to pick up some school supplies.

Aren't they pretty? I need the two notebooks for my observations. I thought it would be nice to have them matching . . . snazzy, huh?
I can hardly wait to use them!
Does that make me a school geek?
I like school!
Voice Update: Doing surprisingly well considering . . . Susan said that whatever I was doing was working well so . . . stay the course (the course which included massage, exercises, and reading out loud!)!

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Chris H said...

I can't convert your temps to ours! But if you want real cold, come down here!
Glad that driveway isn't mine!
And yes, very pretty stationary.. I love pretty notebooks etc too.