Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Secret to Grocery Shopping With a Smile

Hi All!

Well, today I have decided to stick pretty close to home. I am going grocery shopping and then will do some laundry. Doesn't that sound like fun?

I know that many people don't particularly like grocery shopping but, I know the secret to making it almost enjoyable. That secret is actually several rolled into one.

1) First, you need to go into the whole thing like an adventure. Shopping is more fun if you look at it this way. A chore? No way! This is like a treasure hunt. Yes, you need to pick up the "usual" things but there is always something different that you can find to bring home. I like to find something different each time I go shopping. It could be a different fruit or vegetable or a different kind of meat. You never know what I will come home with!

2) Next, don't look at the other shoppers as annoyances, look at them as stories waiting to be told. When I find my path blocked by some elderly woman's cart or by some man checking out pasta sauce, I take a second and imagine a story for that person. True, it is surely way off the mark in terms of truth but, I must say that my stories keep me amused!

3) Chat with yourself while going through the aisles. I do this all the time - at the insistence of my speech therapist so that I get vocal "practice" during the day - and it really makes things "interesting." You get a lot of strange looks and sometimes, people even come up and ask if you are okay. Also, this sometimes solves the problem of people blocking your way. If you are talking to yourself - other people tend to move out of your way pretty quickly!

4) Finally, if all of the other suggestions don't work, just think of other things you could be doing which are actually worse than grocery shopping. My list includes cleaning up hair balls, dealing with insurance companies, waiting in an emergency room waiting room, sitting in a very boring college lecture, giving my cat (either one) medicine, and dealing with sun poisoning rash. Compared to these things . . . shopping is heaven!

Well - at least it isn't too bad when I can come home and take a nap like this fellow . . .

By the way - who stole all of our clouds? The skies are clear and the weather is HOT, HOT, HOT!


Have a super day!


Voice Update: Doing well. I am still reading from my latest book and I wish I could read it while driving and grocery shopping but . . . I can't!

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Mental P Mama said...

I think there is something wrong with me...I like to go to the grocery store. Now putting it all way is a whole 'nother story;)