Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Digital Picture Frame

Hi All!

No - I didn't post yesterday because . . . well, I sat down to get my swimsuit turned right side out (I had recently washed it) and . . . I fell asleep. I woke up about an hour or so later with the swimsuit still in my hand! I guess I needed some sleep!

Anyway - when I woke up I called Mom and chatted for a while but never really felt like I was "awake" all day. I read some more of my good book and watched another "chick flick" I recorded from the Hallmark channel.

Then I listened to some more of the podcast book Shadowmagic by John Lenahan. Remember, I told you a bit about it a while ago when I first started listening to the book.

The book is about a young man (who is still in high school so maybe 17 or so??) and his father (who only has one hand) getting ready for the day when two strangers on horseback appear at their door. Two strangers dressed in medieval looking clothes. Two strangers who try to kill the young man, Connor.

However, instead of killing Connor, the strangers capture Connor and his dad and take them to a mysterious world full of magic, imps, elves, banshees and more. A world where trees "talk" and must be asked for their wood and fruit. A world where it seems like everyone wants to kill Connor.

Luckily, Connor's mother - a sorceress of shadowmagic - shows up and saves Connor and his father from certain death. Then . . . Connor finds himself on his own after his father is injured by his aunt (who was trying to kill Connor NOT his father). On his own, Connor finds a couple of odd friends - one is a banshee and one is an imp prince. They have adventures while trying to reunited Connor with his mother - in the hopes of sending Connor back to the "real world" where no one is trying to kill him!

The last part of the story that I heard had Connor and his friends facing an imminent attack from an entire clan (troupe, tribe, group?) of Banshees.

I can hardly wait to see how they get themselves out of THIS mess.

As a side note, the podcast book is accompanied by Irish music from a band called Lunasa. I have been spending some time looking into their music this morning and . . . they are a good Irish band. So - if you are into Irish music, check them out!

My walk/swim was nice this morning - except for the humidity! True, it was 81 when I woke up and hotter by the time I got home but . . . it was the humidity that really made things difficult. It was like getting slapped in the face when I walked outside!

The water this morning was warm. Not too warm to swim in but, it certainly did make catching my breath tough at times. Unfortunately, it was too warm outside for the water to make the ambient air feel cooler when I got out so . . . hot, hot, hot!

Hopefully, today I will make my way to a local mall to check out American Sign Language dictionaries at the book store, to eat lunch at the food court, and to just wander around for a bit! Doesn't that sound like fun?

I am ending the post with a picture. I recently got my digital picture frame up and running again. I put on a bunch of miscellaneous pictures and have the frame set to run automatically during the evenings.

It is fun to sit and watch the pictures change. Every once in a while a picture comes up and it is just so pretty. Like it should be framed and hung on the wall all the time.

This is one of them.

Have a super day!
Voice Update: Doing well despite my rather lax exercising lately (due to headaches) and my cancelled speech appointment. I am still reading out loud (still from my book by Diana Gabaldon) as much as possible.


Mental P Mama said...

That sunset shot is worth a half hour of meditation;) Love it....

Chris H said...

You must have been tired!
Lovely photo of the sky.