Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Expected Home Today

Hi All!

Yesterday evening I got a call from Frank, the service guy at Toyota who has temporary custody of my Venza. Frank told me that I was indeed getting a new windshield and that my car will be ready to come home with me today around 4:00. I am excited!

While the Camry that I have while my Venza is in the shop is fine . . . I miss my Venza!
So - it will be nice to have it back home where it belongs!
Yesterday I made a mammoth haul at the grocery store. Since I hadn't shopped for meat for a while, I loaded up yesterday.
Luckily, we have a vacuum packer to package our extra meat for freezing. We have had it for a while and use it all the time.
Upon returning home from the store and lugging all of the million of grocery bags into the house (actually, there weren't quite a million bags because the bagger liked to pack each bag full, full, full!), I immediately set upon the meat. Because there are only two of us, I normally package the meat into two portion packages. I did the pork chops, the hamburger/turkey, and the breakfast sausage. Then I combined some more hamburger with ground pork and made a meatloaf for me to eat during the week.
Well, that didn't work out too well.
The meatloaf smelled wonderful but the addition of the pork made it less tasty than normal for some reason. I still ate a bit and then sliced the rest of the loaf and froze individual portions.
When the groceries were put away and the meat all packaged and the meatloaf cooked and packaged, I pulled the sheets off the bed and threw them into the washer.
Then I headed outside to rig up a clothesline to dry the sheets on.
No - my drier isn't broken. I just like the smell of line dried sheets and since it was already 103 degrees outside, I knew that the sheets would dry quickly.
Despite the clothesline looking a bit less than impressive, it did its job admirably and last night Hubby and I slept on fresh smelling, sun dried sheets.
I wish I could have taken a video of Skor while Hubby and I were making the bed. For some odd reason Skor LOVES to play on the bed while we are making it. First he likes to get all wrapped up in the sheets before we actually get them onto the bed.
After a little encouraging, he finally gets out of the sheets and allows us to put the sheets on the bed. Then he rolls and scoots around on his belly. He romps all over the King sized bed and just has such fun. Hubby and I have fun watching him and trying to figure out just why this cat likes to do this.
I wish I had a video. Maybe next time I will!
Voice Update: Still doing well. My throat is a bit crunchy but not too bad at all. I was supposed to have a speech appointment today but it has been postponed until next Wednesday because Susan won't be in today. I did my hour of reading yesterday- once more in my current book (it is about 800 pages long so I will be reading out of it for a while!).

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Chris H said...

You got a nice 'replacement' car.. the one I'm using is horrid! OLD , smells, goes like a snail.. *sniff*