Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chilly and Overcast!

Hi All!

This morning it was only 72 degrees when I woke up! Yesterday it was 82 and today - ten degrees cooler! What a difference! As I set out for my walk/swim it actually felt just a little chilly! The water, which was a bit warm, felt good since the wind made it feel even chillier while I was swimming. The sky was a bit darker than I was comfortable with so I did skip the floating and exercises beyond the laps and headed home a bit early.

When I got home I debated as to if I should water my flowers or not - since it looks like it might rain. Well, I ended up watering just because of the fact that if I didn't - it wouldn't rain . . . . We will see if the logic works and it rains today . . . keep your fingers crossed!

Last night (really afternoon) was my first class of the semester. It is Practicum I (Roman numeral, not letter!) which is sort of like an internship. We go out and observe certified interpreters at work. This helps us build skills and also lets us see what the job really entails. In addition to the observations (200 hours worth), we also have class assignments and class for two hours a week.

I think it is going to be great. I am looking forward (sort of) to observing even though it is a bit scary to go out with someone you don't know . . .I guess I will get over that quickly. Our teacher is wonderful and seems like she is easy to work with - not at all like the teacher from last semester! Thank goodness!

We will see how things work out as I start my observations. . . .

It was a bit strange to get out of class after only two hours . . .compared to last semester's four hour marathon this seems like we are done right as we started! I even got home before it was dark! I almost didn't know what to do with myself!

Another thing to get used to!

Today I have a speech appointment. I hope it goes better than the dream I had last night about speech. In my dream everything started out pretty much normal - except that the office wasn't the real office but another "new" space. Susan and I started our "normal" routine and then she gave me a class ring for my interpreting program which all of the therapists had chipped in for. It was a big gold class ring with a pink stone . . . they had called the ring company and found out what I liked (how??). Then Susan started doing sort of weird things like putting water in my left ear to find out something (I can't remember) and measuring the length of my index fingers . . Then she told me that she was moving and Jean would be taking over my therapy.

I woke up very upset about the whole thing! Hopefully, nothing like that will really happen today! I am sure that Susan will tell me that my neck is tight and that I need to do more massage . . . it has been over 7 weeks since my last appointment.

We will see what happens. . .


Voice Update: My voice is doing pretty well considering . . . I didn't read out loud last night but I did talk to my friends before and after class and in class as well so I figure I got a good workout.


Mental P Mama said...

I had a dream I was a barn owl. I think you are just fine! That class and the observations sound like you are going to learn so much! I hope you get some is sweet.

Flea said...

Yay! I'm so glad your weather is cooling! Ours started yesterday. Enjoy!