Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All Wind and No Rain!

Hi All!


Once more we have missed some much needed rain. The weathermen showed storms all around us - north, west, and east - but NOTHING actually happened in our neighborhood except this . . .

Of course, winds like this are not uncommon in our area. We often have high winds with absolutely no chance of rain. Which we REALLY need. Did I mention that we need some rain around here?


This morning, the clouds left over from yesterday's storms were still in the area and while I was swimming my laps I spied a flash in the far distance. With that I was out of the pool and drying off. I was not going to be taking any chances with lightening in the area - even if it was far away!


I did manage to get in ten good laps AND my walk to and from the pool. There was even a brief shower (about a dozen drops) while I was getting my gear together to leave the pool. Unfortunately, that shower didn't last even until I got out of the gate and onto the sidewalk! Rats!


Even thought the dark clouds are still hanging around, I did water my flowerbeds. I have learned from experience that if I don't water then it definitely WON'T rain. But, if I water, sometimes, just sometimes, it really does rain! I have my fingers crossed!


Yesterday wasn't too exciting. I headed to Big Lots to get some "filling" for a package I sent to my parents (hey Mom, be watching for a package! And don't worry - I DID buy some stuff but it was not too expensive and you and Dad are worth it!). Then I bopped to the post office where I was the second to three people in line. That was an anomaly since there is ALWAYS a huge line at our post office - the home to the slowest moving employees in the world! After the post office I went to the new pizza place for a yummy pizza lunch and time to read my latest book. After eating I headed to Kroger's for fruit.

Going into Kroger's was a bit nerve-wracking for me because Hubby had stopped in late last week for some milk and reported back that there had apparently been a problem with the seafood counter. The entire store smelled like rotting seafood (with some rotten veggies thrown in for "flavor") and bleach. This made me hesitate a bit about going into the store. . . .luckily, there was no lingering hint of the nasty smell! Yeah!


Oh, the small things which make my day!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!




Voice Update: Doing well. I read my hour sitting out on the back patio in the nice breeze.


Diane said...

I'm laughing about the watering your plants to make it rain! I wash my car to make it rain!

bettyl said...

I do miss Big Lots among a bunch of other American things! I would be more than happy to send you some of our winter rain if we can figure out how to get it there!