Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Havest and a Trip

Hi All!

First of all - let me show you the tomato harvest from my little container garden of tomato plants - which is now under severe attack from spider mites and dying. Poor plants!

At least they are giving it their all! These were all from one day! I have two cherry tomato plants and one regular tomato plant. I currently have two "regular" tomatoes growing so it is a race between the mites and the ripening process. I still have TONS of cherry tomatoes ripening. It makes me feel like quite a farmer!

Now for my news. Hubby and I are going on a vacation! We will be gone for a while so, while I am going to try to blog during the trip, I may not be blogging everyday for a while.

PLEASE don't stop reading! I PROMISE I will be back before you know it and I will share pictures of my trip!

Okay - that sounded desperate. I don't mean to sound desperate. I just enjoy knowing you are out there and I love reading your comments. You are my blog friends. I will miss you!

I will also miss my cats but for them I have a cat sitter so I know they will be taken care of while we are gone. I couldn't find a blog sitter for you. I will worry about you. I hope you get enough food and water while I am gone . . .

Good news about the trip is I will have pictures and I will also have some new books to review since I will be reading on the plane to and from and at odd down times during the trip. Also- Hubby will be all relaxed and so will I!

So - until I write again - which will hopefully be soon if I can find computers to work on during our trip!


Voice Update: Still holding steady. I did my massage while walking again this morning. I wish I could figure out why the right side of my throat is tender most of the time. Maybe the muscles are tighter on that side? I have also been reading outloud. Sometimes I feel like a little kid reading my way through a tough book. I have to slow myself down or I will forget and start reading silently (which is way faster but not what I need to do) and end up not talking! The cats are also enjoying my nasal and inhale voice as I wander around the house. The good thing is that they feel loved with all the attention!


Ecolo said...

I hope and pray you have a wonderful and safe vacation. Perhaps you'll come back with a relaxed, more normal voice?!?!

I will miss you but enjoy the time off.

John said...

Nice looking tomatoes.

Coffee Bean said...

Have a fabulous trip!!! How fun for you! I can't wait to hear about where you went, what you did and look at pictures!

noble pig said...

Have a great trip!

Jay said...

Just last night I decided I would try to start reading aloud for a bit each day. I was so pleased with how I did last night. This morning I realized it was probably because I had taken an ambien about 20 minutes before I started to read ::sigh::. I will try again tonite.

Flea said...

Congratulations on having 'maters! Mine are green and tiny yet, but growing!