Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alaska, Robert Service and the Earthquake of 1964

Hi All!

We just pushed away from the dock in Juneau and are now heading toward Sitka. Hubby and I had a good day in Juneau despite the rain that started falling in the afternoon.

In the morning we went on a tour to a gold mine and got to pan for gold and garnets. The tour in the mine was run by a real miner (who mined in Arizona for about 29 years and retired and now works during the summer up here doing tours) and he was very knowledgeable. We spent about 40 minutes or so in a mine shaft where the temps were around 36 degrees or so. My nose was really, really cold by the time we got out.

There was a cute little squirrel that came into the mine shaft looking for nuts. Apparently the miner and the other staff at the gold mine feed the squirrels nuts. This one came right up to us and looked at each of us to see if we were potential nuts suppliers. Well, I think that is what he did. Either that or he was sizing us up to see which of us he could tote back to his nest to eat later!

In the afternoon we walked about the historic downtown of Juneau. This is our third time to visit Juneau so we knew the lay-out. I hit a couple of book stores looking for a small book of poetry by Robert Service and a book about the 1964 earthquake.

Okay - let me ask YOU - have you heard of the poet Robert Service? I am a pretty well read person and had never heard of him - which totally blew the mind of the woman in the bookstore in Skagway. I felt so uneducated. Well, I now have five of his poems and will bone up on him.

Also - I am very disappointed in my American History teachers because I don't recall every hearing about the big Alaskan Earthquake of 1964 or the tsunami which followed. I wasn't born in 1964 so I sort of have an excuse but from everything I have heard up here it was a MAJOR thing. I also got a book about this (so it is a kids book with lots of pictures . . . who cares? Besides Hubby, I mean!). It looks like I have some reading to do!

With that I am off to dinner.


Voice Update: Still pretty good. I did some reading out loud today (A Robert Service poem to which Hubby pretended to listen) but still haven;t gotten back to my massage. Bad, bad me! I did talk on the phone today and the phone was located in a pretty noisy area. Small triumphs!


Ecolo said...

Your trip sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see the pics!

Gayle said...

Hi, Trisha. I ran across your blog while surfing the web tonight. I read a few of your posts and notice you mention doing massages related to your SD. I was diagnosed with a mild case of ADSD about five years ago. It seems to have become worse since my last upper respiratory infection in January of this year. Do you have a specific post that details your massages? If so, would enjoy reading more. I don't get online as often as I used to, but my personal email is if you care to reply. Also, are you a botox user?

Trisha said...


Thank you for finding my blog! I always like it when SDers find my blog. I haven't really posted too much about my massage because I am not sure how to put it into words. However, I have gotten several inquiries about the topic so I think I will talk with my speech therapist and see if we can figure out how to describe it. I will probably put it on my podcast and my blog once we get it figured out.

I hope you keep reading and let me know how things go with you and your SD.

I am currently not on Botox - I have had two shots which helped a bit but my last shot was in August of 2007. I am still continuing with speech therapy which I have found to be very useful. However, I do know from hearing from other SDers than many haven't found therapy too helpful. I don't know - maybe they just don't have the right therapist??