Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alaskan Pictures Part I

Hi All!

I just downloaded my Alaskan pictures - all seven billion of them. Okay - not ACTUALLY seven billion . . . it just seems like it! Anyway, I don't have them all organized yet. In fact, I looked through them and had a total blank out on just where I took all of them. I will need Hubby's help to sort them all out.

However, I thought I could start off with a few pictures of the ship and our lovely room.

This is our floating home-away-from-home, the Tahitian Princess. It is rather small - as cruise ships go - it only holds about 684 passengers and 370 or so crew.

Here is our room - 3007. It was on the lowest deck that passengers could stay on. We lovingly called our floor "the basement." Most of the deck was for crew only so we did see a lot of crew members coming and going. It was sort of neat.

Here is an inside view. The door right under the tv holds the safe and another large shelf. on the wall to the right of the door and behind the tv is the closet. The bathroom is to the left of the door.

We had a nice little love seat (Hubby didn't think it was too comfy but I thought it was okay) and the bedside table you see is the one I claimed for the trip.

Here is our bed and the porthole. On the wall to the left is a HUGE mirror. It does make the room seem bigger but it was a bit weird - after all, who wants to see themselves sleeping? It did come in handy when we were getting ready to go somewhere. You could always fix your hair without getting in the bathroom.

A nice, cozy, little place, huh? I have discovered over the years of cruising that the room seems a lot bigger if you get everything organized and then keep it that way. Of course Hubby doesn't really ascribe to that theory so he makes my organization a bit more difficult. Then again, it does give me something to do when I am waiting to eat . . . again!

You do know about the eating on cruise ships, right?


Voice update: Still good. I got a little frustrated with Hubby last night - he wasn't listening to me and would turn away from me when HE talked so I couldn't hear HIM! Oh well. What are you going to do? I still haven't gotten into the exercise groove again. I am going to work on that today. For sure. I hope.

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