Monday, June 16, 2008

Bordellos, Boardwalks, and Beer

Hi All!

Well, yesterday was so full of fun that we didn't get to the Internet and today we were not able to get online for most of the day so . . . I am here now. It is about 10:00 PM where I am (still not telling!) and it is "dark." Of course dark is actually more twilight but . . . I guess it is dark for the time being. It will be bright and sunny by about 4 in the morning which is when I will awaken to never go back to sleep until the afternoon when I fall asleep from exhaustion.

We were at a place with a famous boardwalk over a creek which was the site of the bordellos when this place was in its heyday. There is still a famous house there - Dolly's - from the time when the whole boardwalk was a red light district. Now, of course, it is set up for the tourist trade and is the home of many cute little shops. Hubby and I didn't partake of the shops since we have been there and seen that already.

We did, however, walk to the local IGA to purchase some beer, Diet Coke, and water to take back to our room on the ship. That way we don't have to pay the going price for these items on board. It is always fun to shop at different places with Hubby - we have to check out the price of milk since that is his profession.

Imagine Hubby's excitement when we looked at the local newspaper while eating Halibut fish and chips at a local eatery and there was an article about milk in the paper! We had to buy our own copy of the local rag so he could have that article. Of course it was fun to read the news for such a small place for me as well.

Today we stayed on the ship as there was no stop. We did have a chance to look at AMAZING scenery and to see massive landforms (well - they are technically not LAND but I don't know what else to call them!) which are supposedly in danger from global warming. Actually, the park rangers who came on board to do a running commentary on the scenery said that these wonders have been receding for years and the park scientists can not say for certain if global warming is making them recede faster or not. They do point out that there are certain of these things which are actually growing instead of shrinking.

Take that global warming!

So - has anyone guessed where Hubby and I are vacationing? A warm and fuzzy for the first person who guesses correctly! It is hard to describe what we are doing without naming the places or the easily identifiable things we are seeing. For example, we saw a whole slew (about 30+) of large aquatic creatures tonight while we were walking but I can't really tell you about it without giving away the secret!

I will be more descriptive after the vacation when I can show you pictures!

I hope you are having a super week and to all of the fathers out there - Happy Father's Day!

Voice Update: Today I did massage and some exercises (after Hubby pointedly asked if I had been doing any). I also read out loud for about 20 minutes (during which time Hubby was trying to watch TV in the same small room but hey - he was the one who said I needed to do more exercises!). My voice is good. The best it has been for a while. I am still talking a bunch so that is probably helping!

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