Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Photo Tribute and a Cracked Foundation

Hi All!

First I need to take care of some business for my mom.

Mom, here are the pictures of the pictures in the piano room. I put Q-Tip's "memorial" picture on the top where the moth used to be and then put the moth on a new nail at the bottom. Jay helped me decide to do it this way instead of putting a new nail at the top. I think it looks good.

Okay - that is done.
Right now Hubby and I are waiting for the home inspector to come out to look at our foundation "issue."
As you can see, the crack on the outside foundation isn't that big yet. There are cracks through the brick above this crack and the window right above it is moving away from the brick on one side.

This is how we first decided something was wrong. A crack across the tile in the kitchen.

This crack is between the island at the center of the kitchen and the counter where the kitchen sink is. Since it started, the crack has made its way all the way to the windows across the kitchen. That part of the crack follows the grout lines for the most part so it is hard to show in pictures.

The warranty people are coming out next week and we are a bit antsy about what they will say. No matter what, we are going to have to re-tile the entire kitchen and do something about the crack in the foundation.

Oh - did I mention that there is a corresponding crack through the brick on the opposite side of the house?

Doesn't sound too good, does it?

Hopefully, we will get this taken care of quickly and relatively painlessly!

Keep your fingers crossed!

On other topics, I walked today and it was absolutely beautiful outside! It was in the low 60's when I woke up and it was great to walk with just a long sleeve shirt on (well, I did have on pants and shoes and other stuff but no heavy sweatshirt or coat!). When I came home and headed upstairs to do my weight routine. What fun! I might mention that Hubby was still sleeping.

Must be nice not to have two kitties on you starting at about 5:00 A.M.!


Voice Update: Well, I didn't get into the massage/exercise routine entirely yesterday (I only did it once) but I am on it today! My voice is still pretty good from all the work it got while in Ohio. However, now that I am home it won't get that much of a work out so I really need to step up and start exercising!


MUD said...

Before you attempt to stop the cracks, go out and make sure that the water around your foundation has a way to get away. I'll bet somewhere there is a downspout that just dumps the water up next to the house and the hydraulic action has caused the floor to crack. If it isn't a down spout, look at the slope of the dirt, it must slope away from the house. The clay soil here will expand by about 30% when water is added. If your house is over 5 years old and the ground hasn't cracked concrete somewhere celebrate. I love time but not right on concrete in Kansas. MUD

Anonymous said...

ooooh. I know what you are in for. Our summer 2007 was spent fixing a foundation problem. Not fun. Not quick either. I hope your warranty covers it. Our house is 30 years old and we had to pay the bill out of pocket. During the process we learned the previous owner's did, in fact, have knowledge of the problem when we found their mickey mouse job under the carpet and lineoleum.

Love the memorial picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That's a heck of a crack! I hope the warranty folks don't give you a hard time about it. Having our house catch on fire 3 days after we moved in taught us a lesson... even if a house passes inspection, there is so much that is NOT looked at. Our fireplace installation was incorrect and it looks like your foundation was not truly level.
I do hope there's a minimum of fuss in getting it fixed.

Flea said...

Oh ugh. We have similar foundation problems and are ignoring it. Let us know what they determine?

Anonymous said...

Oh not the foundation. What a total pain that can become very painful. Tell us what happens.

Chris H said...

I hope that cracking can be fixed! It does not look good...
Love the picute line up. Very pretty.

Mental P Mama said...

Wow. I hope it is a painless repair.