Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Water Chronicles (part three)

Hi All!

Monday (continued) -

After a quick sponge bath, I headed off to ASL lab where I spent a good portion of the afternoon. Returning home, Hubby was fast asleep - a sure sign that he was not feeling well.

I made myself a panini and then settled in to watch most of the Chronicles of Narnia which I had on my dvr from before Christmas. It was a nice time as I watched, fast-forwarded through the commercials, and played with the kitties. Soon I began thinking about dinner.

Soon I was whipping up a "skillet meal" which is just all kinds of stuff in a skillet cooking together. Last night it was ground meat (beef and turkey), pasta (mini farfalle), carrots, broccoli, Parmesan cheese, a little cream cheese, a little milk, and seasonings. It ended up being pretty good and was just the ticket for a cold, rainy night (in my mind anyway!).

After dinner I was faced with the growing mountain of dishes which needed to be hand washed. Not having any hot water was a super excuse to not wash them but now the kitchen was beginning to look like I had emptied all my cabinets and left everything on the counter. It was time to wash dishes.

The microwave was soon busy heating water as I organized the washables into categories, which to be washed first, second, etc. I was trying to be strategic so that I could optimize the hot water. As the water was heated I slowly began washing - small thing first since the amount of water was minimal and then larger things as I added more warm water.

It was wash dishes, rinse (in cold water), get more warm water from the microwave, wash dishes, rinse in cold water, get more warm water from the microwave. What fun! Luckily, Hubby felt well enough to help out by drying the multitudes of dishes I washed. I did say that I had a mountain of dishes to wash, right?

After dinner it was time for the next challenge - washing hair. Both Hubby and I felt a bit . . . well, greasy . . . because we hadn't washed our hair since Friday morning. It was more microwaved water and trips to and from the bathroom for the non-wet person. It wasn't the best thing ever but it seemed to work and we both now have clean hair!

What a relief!

Tuesday -

It is cold and rainy here with the threat of an ice storm. The threat has paralysed the metro-plex with multiple school closings (I haven't seen that my college is closed yet) and all kinds of special weather reports. Ice in Texas is a serious thing because we don't have salt trucks (we DO have sand trucks which help not that much) and we have miles and miles of soaring overpasses. Also, we have a multitude of people who will slow to a crawl in rain but speed up to insane speeds on ice. Go figure.

Anyway - as Hubby and I went to bed last night we were a little worried that the threat of ice would keep the water heater dudes from coming this morning. That would mean even MORE sponge baths and hair washing ordeals! It took me a while to doze off while worrying about if I would get a nice hot shower before going to class or not. Of course, I didn't think about the class possibly being canceled due to the ice.

I decided not to walk this morning when I woke up to 33 degree temps and rain. I know - I am a wimp but sleeping in felt soooo good! I slept for an additional hour - heaven! While I was dozing, the water heater dudes called Hubby and said they were on their way! Hooray!

When I got up, the dudes were at the house and were ready to rock and roll. They had to get a permit from the city (huh? The other guys who installed this heater didn't get a permit!) and promised me a hot shower shortly! WOW! My heroes!

As I am typing this I can hear clunking and banging and sawing (??) up in the attic. I am thrilled!


Voice Update: Still doing well. My massage is getting done and so are the exercises. My only question - why am I so darn tired???


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you have hot water soon! Your skillet dinner sounds good!
Having just doubled my commute time because of this surprise snow, I feel for you with your ice!

Mental P Mama said...

Yay!!!! Hot water on the horizon!