Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cold Water Chronicles (Finale) and Ice, Ice, Baby!

Hi All!

Tuesday -

Well, the hot water dudes, as they will forever be known, finished the installation of the new tank around noon. Not really in time for me to take a shower before class since it would take at least an hour for the water to heat and I would need to leave for class around 12:30 or so! Rats!

The weather, however, came to the rescue. Due to the big ice storm which was being anticipated, my classes were cancelled! Great! I could stay at home and be smelly with Hubby, who had taken the day off from work to be home while the dudes installed the tank.

Once we knew that my classes were cancelled (which ended the big debate about if I went of not in the uncertain weather conditions), it was nap time as we waited for the water to heat! What a day!

After our nap, we cranked up the dishwasher which was full of pretty much every piece of silverware and dinnerware that we own and made a Digiorno pizza. A nice way to end the evening. The hot shower - it will wait until tomorrow morning but I did get nice hot water to wash my face before going to bed!


And now . . . the ice. During the evening yesterday, we got quite a bit of sleet tapping against our windows. That continued until about midnight (I was awake to hear it not tapping anymore). The temperature, which had continued to drop all day, was hitting the upper twenties when we went to bed and so Hubby and I snuggled under the covers and wondered what we would face when we got up in the morning.

Here is what we faced:

Isn't it pretty?
It was hard to get good pictures of the ice as I was sliding down the yard - yes, the yard! I was in the grass thinking it would be easier to walk there than on the ice . . . wrong! I literally slipped and slid on the grass!
Needless to say, I didn't walk this morning. I don't think I would have made it past my own yard before hitting the sidewalk several times!
What a wonderful, winter wonderland! Of course, Hubby isn't at work because of the ice and we can't go anywhere until some of it melts!
But at least we have hot water!
Voice Update: Still doing well. I am doing my massage like a good girl and I was reading out loud yesterday to exercise my voice since I didn't talk too much during the day. What fun!


Arwyn Y. said...

I don't know if you guys have road salt down there, but if you don't have that, you should be able to use water softener salt to take care of that ice. It should melt since you're above 15 degrees. You just sprinkle it on the ice and it takes care of it fast.

We are at a whole 3 degrees right now, and we've spent many days (not just nights, days too!) below 0 recently. If we did get ice we couldn't even put salt down because it wouldn't do a thing because it's so cold.

Flea said...

Isn't it the most fun EVER. all the ice? My boys are out in it right now, sliding around with friends. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah cancelled...I love that word! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

So glad you finally have hot water! I think you handled the 3 day ordeal really well!

Your ice is pretty... from 8 states away!