Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeling Better

Hi All!

Well, last night prior to going to bed I made sure that all fishing pole type toys were safely on the mantle out of kitty reach. What a difference it made! I slept wonderfully (okay, I did have a very disturbing dream about working in a nuclear power plant but . . .)! The kitties did come to visit me at about 5:00 but, since they didn't come bearing toys, it was so much easier to ignore that I actually went back to sleep with Skor draped over my neck.

Hubby said it looked like I had a fur stole wrapped around my neck!

It is amazing what a good night's sleep can do for you!

For all of those people who told me to just close the door . . . well, I would do that but Hubby won't do it. I can close the door before going to bed and sometime during the night Hubby will get up and open it. I am not sure just what his reasoning is and I certainly make him suffer about it when the cats (okay, it is mainly only one KITTEN) get particularly feisty early in the morning.

I can live with the kitties coming in each morning as long as I keep the toys out of the bed (those of you with dirty minds . . . come out of the gutter, please).

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend, M. and her cute little daughter, A. We do lunch on the first Tuesday of each month and I really enjoy it. This is a chance for us both to get out of the house (M is a stay at home mom) and to talk about things that we don't get to talk about with our husbands (because, let's face it, they just wouldn't care about the "girl" stuff we talk about). No matter what mood I am in (and yesterday I was in a cranky mood), having lunch with M brightens my day.

Returning home from lunch with M (after stopping off at Half Price Books to get four FREE books thanks to a coupon and getting a new cat toy at Petsmart) I even looked upon my little toddler kitten with kind eyes. I played with him for about thirty minutes and then read some in my comfy reading chair with Skor purring on my lap.

What a difference good friends can make in your life!

On the walking and weight front, I am doing well. I was out there this morning wrapped up like a mummy in coats, earmuffs, and scarves only to slowly peel them off in a bizarre slow motion parody of burlesque as I heated up from the exercise. Then I came in and finished the strip tease (sadly, with no Hubby to witness it) and headed up to the bonus room to do my weight routine. I think I might try doing the recommended two sets of exercises next week since I am slowly getting the hang of these things. I still have to read each day what to do and how many to do but I am getting there. I wonder if it is making any difference in my poor, flabby arms? I would like to think so!


Voice Update: Today is speech. Today is the day that I will find out if my efforts at massage and exercising have made a difference. Today is the day that I face the truth. It makes me shudder to think about it. I have tried to be better with the massage and exercises, honest, I have. Of course, I haven't been doing too well but even that is better than I was doing, right? My voice is strong - I have that going for me! I will let you know the verdict tomorrow!


Mental P Mama said...

yay! For everything. Except that new toy...what were you thinking?;) And I believe every bit of exercise helps. Oh yes I do.

Chris H said...

I'm of the opinion that if ya don't wanna be woken up so early by the cats you could lock them in another room! I would go nuts if it was me... but then as everyone knows, I'm not a cat person! I like me little Teddy, he's our 'cat-dog'

Anonymous said...

Good job on the excercise, I'm sure it is making a difference.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing what a little rest can do? And, I fully support lunch outings. They make the days worth it.