Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping Cart Rescue

Hi All!

Well, Hubby is off on his business trip and I am looking forward to the roast which is bubbling away in my crock pot - something Hubby doesn't like to eat. The cats don't know that he is gone yet because they think he just went to work as normal. It will be interesting to see how they react tonight. This is the first time Skor will have experienced Hubby being gone with me still being home.

In preparation for my week alone, Hubby and I went to Wal Mart yesterday. We really went because Hubby rented a car for the journey from the Budget rental place in Wal Mart and I had to take him to get the car. Since we were there anyway . . . we decided to pick up a few things.

Isn't it always that was at Wal Mart?

Well, while shopping, Hubby and I had the dubious pleasure of escorting a shopping cart up and down the aisles. This, by the way, was not one of those shopping carts that smoothly and quietly went about its business of collecting miscellaneous items. No, this cart was bound and determined to make its presence known to all shoppers near and far. It wasn't losing its rubber wheel like a shopping cart we had a while ago but, for some reason, one of its wheels loudly protested any movement in any direction.

Hubby and I were accompanied by a loud "thump . . . thump . . . thump . . ." as we walked peppered with the occasionally skidding sound as the affected wheel simply refused to spin at all and let its co patriots push it along.

*sigh* It is at times like this that my most frequent fantasy comes to life.

No - it isn't one of THOSE fantasies! In this fantasy, I am a shopping cart rescue person - similar to a dog or cat rescue person. I troll the stores for shopping carts in distress and whisk them off to my truck waiting in the parking lot. Next, I hurry the ailing cart to my cozy workshop when I fix its broken down wheels and feed it a good diet of lubricating oil. I give the cart a thorough bath, making sure to scrape off the sticker residue on its handle and the gum from its basket. A warm blow dry with a brisk towel buff is the final step before I take the cart back to its natural environment and set it free.

If I were on the job, there would be significantly fewer "injured" carts out there demanding attention and the world of stores would be nicer and safer for everyone.

However, I realize just how fanciful this fantasy is when Hubby and I maneuver the thumping cart out of the store, across the horrendously bumpy tile in the entryway, and out to the parking lot. As we walk to our car we near another shopper pushing her cart up the row with her cart adding a nice "thump . . . thump . . . thump . . ." in syncopation to ours.

Poor shopping carts!

I walked today after a week of "loafing." It felt good to be back in the swing of things. However, I did not get my weight routine done. My eyes are really bothering me this mornings so, after my walk, I flushed them with solution and rested for about 15 minutes prior to getting on the computer to IM with Mom.

I hope my eyes calm down quickly - today is my first day back to classes at Collin County Community College and I have THREE classes all in a row to attend. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I can't wait to go to the bookstore to buy my new books but I hope I can handle three classes. I am a little out of shape for such a heavy class schedule!

Wish me luck!


Voice Update: I did my exercises yesterday and my voice seems pretty good. I will have to make sure I get my exercises and massage in between classes today while I am "at school!" How fun will that be? With Hubby out of town I won't have people to talk to at night so I think I will need to be making some phone calls in the evenings (well, on Wednesday because on Tuesday and Thursday I will be in class until 8:30).

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Good luck with your classes.