Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stike Throughs and Skor

Hi All!

Many of you are still in the dark about the whole strike through thing so I am copying and paraphrasing the directions sent to me by Ann B. I also read directions linked at Speaking of Simplicity in which the word "del" is replaced with "strike" instead. I have tried it both ways and both are very striking! Striking, I say!

Take a sentence: Striking through a word or words is not so very easy to do! "

To strike through the ~not so~ in the sentence, do this:

Go to the "edit HTML" tab when you are composing and before the word/words you want to strike through type the <>. (I can't type it the way it looks because it strikes through the stuff I write!) After what you want to strike through, type another <, a / and then the word del or strike followed by another >. There should be no spaces between the > or <>Does that make sense? If not, email me (my email is in my profile) and I will email the exact thing to show you.

Okay, I hope that helps you out. Don't forget to switch back to the "compose" tab to continue working on your post.

As for my "real" post today . . . I am FRUSTRATED! I am cranky and frustrated and tired and cranky. Did I mention that already? Well, I am cranky so I tend to repeat myself.

Why am I cranky and frustrated and tired, you may ask? Well, let me tell you!

It is this little bugger's fault! That is right! Skor is in the doghouse (so to speak) again. He and Miss Cleo have been waking me up at about 5:00 A.M. every morning in anticipation of food at 6:30. Miss Cleo comes in, curls up at my feet and naps. Skor, on the other hand, comes in and pokes his cold, wet nose into my face, my ear, my neck, or any other exposed flesh he can find. Needless to say, a cold, wet nose at 5 in the morning is a rather rude awakening!

Well, I have gotten used to this wake up call and am even getting pretty good at ignoring it (and that, my friends, is quite a skill!). However, this Sunday Skor decided to herd Miss Cleo into the room at 3:00 A.M. That is no typo, THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING! Adding to this REALLY early visit, Skor decided to bring his toy. This is a fishing pole type of thing with a Mylar "tassel" on the end. Skor proceeded to put the toy into my ear - not a pleasant feeling.

So - I woke up. Wouldn't you?

Luckily, Hubby got up and fed the critters so I could sleep a bit more. What a good guy! Too bad his idea didn't work too well!

Right after eating, Skor was back in the bedroom with his toy and he discovered a really annoying "fun" game. He takes his toy firmly in his mouth, burrows down under the covers, and then attacks the toy viciously. With his claws. Fun, right?

Wrong! Why? Well, the toy is always located in a place such as against the small of my back and the claws don't stay on the toy exclusively. So - my back gets scratched. NOT FUN!

So much for my nap. I got up and did what I needed to do. Then, in the afternoon, I tried to nap again with the same results but with scratches on the back of my neck. I should say that Hubby had kindly closed the door to the bedroom for a while and then inexplicably opened it again to let dear Skor in!

Then, this morning, Skor and Miss Cleo were back in their true form at 5:00 A.M. Since I was already cranky, this just added fuel to the fire!

Cranky and frustrated and tired!

I should say that I did repeatedly throw Skor AND the toy off the bed and even went as far as to throw the toy out of the room. But, by then, I was up anyway! I think we will be putting the toy away before going to bed from now on!


Voice Update: Two thirds. Does that count? I did two of the three sessions of massage and exercises yesterday. Rats!


Flea said...

Skor will grow up eventually., Really. ;)

Thank you for the instructions! What a pain in the patoot! I may or may not actually use it, seeing what kind of work it involves. Ugh. But thanks!

Anonymous said...

Maddie and Cassie did pretty much the same thing to me yesterday morning starting at 3:30. They were better this morning and slept until 5:20 but the 3 in the morning thing just isn't human!

Glad you are almost up to speed on your exercises! And yeah... hide the cat toy!

Mental P Mama said...

As long as you know how to strikethrough, all is well with the world. And my animals are in charge here. I just roll with it. sigh.

MUD said...

They are cats, close the stupid door. If they bang the door, put them in a cage in the laundry room. Solutions are a much better way to solve problems than writing about them. Oh well, good luck. MUD

Anonymous said...

Uh... I'd be shutting my bedroom door at night and if they meow at the door, I'd be squirting them with water!

Skor is certainly a pretty kitty!

Woman in a Window said...

I don't think I have the patience to learn the strike through although I am at times a fan of it.

Seems to me you need to learn the skill of hissing with gusto. When I do it my cat scampers away!