Friday, January 23, 2009

I Told Them So!

Hi All!

Yesterday was the second day of classes for me - and I survived! I must admit that taking three classes, all back-to-back makes for a LONG day! This situation was compounded by the fact that every single clock in the darn place was WRONG! I was in four different rooms and each clock had a different time! Supposedly the clocks are the atomic clocks which reset themselves automatically but - they must need new batteries! Frustrating.

As I was leaving the building from my last class, Deaf Culture, I encountered a rather large group of people near the doors. Recognizing several of the people, I stopped and asked what was going on.

It turns out that the group had just come out of ASL 2 with my "favorite" teacher (remember my experiences with her from last semester????) and they were upset. Mad. Disgruntled. The group was brainstorming ways to approach the dean of the college and the head of the ASL department to voice their displeasure.

What were they so upset about? The teacher, of course! Apparently, she has said some things that directly contradict what they were taught in ASL 1 (which was taught by a Deaf person, by the way). Also, she allegedly told the class one thing and they went to ask the head of the department. When he said she was wrong and confronted her, she then claimed to have never told the class the wrong information.

There was also a rumble of dissatisfaction with the way the teacher signs. When she signs, she sort of "talks" along with the signs. This is annoying several of her students and this was only the second class of the semester.

When the group was done telling me what they were upset about, they then asked me what it was like for me in this teacher's class last semester. I told them the truth - that I basically ended up just gutting it out for the semester in order to get through the class. They didn't seem too excited about the prospect of sitting in the class all semester.

What can I say other than "I told you so!"


Voice Update: Still doing pretty good. I did my massage yesterday. Drainage from Mountain Cedar allergies are sort of mucking things up at the moment. Darn those trees!

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