Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Big Outing

Hi All!

This week has been a real bummer for me since I have been sick most of the time. Needless to say, I didn't get out too much. Yes, Hubby and I went to JoAnn's to get some pictures framed but that was pretty much it. I was getting a bit stir crazy!

Yesterday, I braved the chilly temps (again - chilly for TEXAS) and went to Wal Mart. I felt like a kid in a candy store! Suddenly, all of the mundane things in Wal Mart seemed sparkly and new. Everything was interesting and deserved attention (everything except the auto parts section - that still seemed sort of dark and grimy to me). I wandered up and down the aisles despite the list in my pocket.

I looked at cookware and laundry baskets, vacuum cleaners and clothes hangers, sheet sets and pillows. The electronics section was next and all of the CDs and video games were enthralling. On to the craft section (which, by the way, I hear will be eliminated some day - horrible!) and then a quick left to head to the clothing section to browse the sock aisle.

After the socks groceries were the next adventure. I checked out the chip aisle, the dairy aisles and then strolled down the meat aisle fascinated by the choices which don't show up in Kroger. Bison. Lamb. Tripe (okay - just who is buying all the tripe? There were LOTS of packages of the stuff in the bins!).

A kid in a candy store!

After the groceries I perused the end caps as I headed to the check-outs. The book section was on the way with a special "sale" table out front that caught my attention. Books of all sorts and CDs were strewn across the table like tempting desserts. I checked each out in turn.

Feeling happy after my illness, I chatted with the check-out woman about her son who just joined the Marines. Even the woman behind me got in on the conversation.

It was a nice trip to the mega-store!

Oh - did I mention slippers were half off?


Voice Update: So-so. I have been a good girl and have been doing my massage (when I have been awake) but yesterday my voice had a tough time. True, it was at its worst when Hubby asked me to repeat something for the THIRD time. Most of the time it was just fine. *sigh* I guess it is just in need of more work!


Anonymous said...

I know we have Walmarts here, but I've never seen one with a food section. They probably aren't comepetive in an urban area where there are so many grocery stores.

Glad you had fun! Did you get slippers?

Anonymous said...

I always say Wal-Mart is the most expensive store I shop at. Everything is so cheap I end up spending so much because I can't leave it behind!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I need some new slippers....glad you are feeling better.

Flea said...

Tripe? Not me.

Our WalMart has already eliminated fabric and embroidery floss. I don't think it's a huge loss, as their fabric was all pretty crappy, but in a pinch it was nice to have. The loss I'm mourning is the nicer fabric stores around town which have closed up. What's a seamstress to do?